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The Muffin Junkee Serves Tunes with your Tea
Muffin Junkee Happy Trippy Christmas Podcast Part One
December 13, 2014 The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies ,The Luck of Eden Hall ,The Red Plastic Buddha,Conway Hambone ,The Dangerous Peaches ,Jim Guittard ,Nameless(UA,Ternopil ),The Volta Sound ,Mike Cormier ,The High Balls ,Lee Harris ,Announced by Jay Daniels

Part 1 of a Special Christmas Podcast of the Muffin Junkee ! Featuring some of the grooviest bands in music today ! Lots of Original Christmas and Non Christmas music and plenty of Muffin Junkee Christmas Comedy Banter! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Christmas Podcast Set List for Part 1 : Is It Christmas on Venus ? -The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies The Devil is in the Detail -The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies Martians Don't Surf -The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies -----------------------------------------------------------------------> Wonderful Red Stockings -The Luck Of Eden Hall Cracked Alice -The Luck of Eden Hall Dandy Horse - The Luck of Eden Hall ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>-Holiday Greeting - The Red Plastic Buddha, Mantra - The Red Plastic Buddha, She's An Alien -The Red Plastic Buddha, Little White Pills -The Red Plastic Buddha --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Yuleskank -Conway Hambone Hot Rodney -Conway Hambone Dangerous Peach - The Dangerous Peaches ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Christmas Wishes - Jim Guittard , Wake up My Brother - Jim Guittard (Remix by Paul Worsley ) Jingle Jangle Instrumental - Jim Guittard -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Christmas Case - Nameless (UA,Ternopil ), Carpathian Dub - Nameless (UA Ternopil &Anton Newcombe,, Dandelions and Bees -Nameless (UA Ternopil & Ummagma ), ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> There was a Time - The Volta Sound , Good lookin Out Y'all -The Volta Sound --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> A Fistful of We Three Kings - The High balls - Lee Harris Christmas Compilation ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to :The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies,Tom Zeta for the Santa and little Tommy Zeta Sketch.The Luck of Eden Hall ,Greg Curvey .The Red Plastic Buddha ,Tim Ferguson,Conway Hambone ,Paul Worsley ,The Dangerous Peaches,Sony Worsley,Elvin Worsley,Nameless (UA,Ternopil ),Zoryan Bezkorovajny ,Svitlana Frolova ,Anton Newcombe ,,Jim Guittard.The Volta Sound ,Mike Cormier ,The HIgh Balls ,Lee Harris ,Announced by Jay Daniels ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to Fruits De Mer Records(Keith Jones ) ,Headspin Records ,Space Cat Records,Nathan at the Active Listener and to Mevio Music Alley and Jamendo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Christmas Comedy Sketches : Santa and Little Tommy Zeta :Written by Tom Zeta performed by Tom Zeta and Barry the Night Janitor (Santa )and Jay Daniels ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Miniature Santa -By Jay Daniels using public domain sound effects and creating some of my own in there as well ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Magic Alex and Jay Daniels in Eggnog Pusher sketch-(No Eggnog was hurt during the making of this small surreal sketch ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sophie and Rose and The Raving Looney Gift exchange Sketch (Dena and Sandy with Jay Daniels ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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