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Yoga, Sound Healing, And Heart Meditation With Dee Mathis-Owner Of Free Spirit Yoga & Meditation Studio-Part 1
July 26, 2017 Integrated Healing And Wellness For The Real World

Segment 1-In this segment, we hear from Dee about the physical challenges that she suffered with for years and how Yoga practice helped her heal. She also shares stories of her teachers and mentors and pays homage to them for how important they are to her for helping her heal and for accompanying her on her life's journey and teaching her She proceeds to explain why it's so important to have a healthy spine and how Yoga practice helps facilitate that and about other internal and external health benefits that it can provide. She talks in detail about how Yoga practice helps cleanse the body internally and how it's about so much more than just body movement. She also talks about her teachers that taught her about Raja Yoga, which is meditation, or what she refers to her as "Yoga of the mind." She provides us with information about how she includes some meditation practice at the beginning and ending of each Yoga class to help everyone to be centered and calmed before class. She also teaches meditation classes on Sunday morning at 9:00 and Monday evenings at 7:15 as well, and there is no charge for those classes. We also hear from her about the sound healing that she incorporates into her Yoga classes as well as dedicated sound healing programs that are scheduled from time to time. In Segment 2, she provides us with a more detailed information about the benefits of sound healing and also an actual demonstration on the recording. About Dee Mathis- Dee Mathis is the founder and owner of Free Spirit Yoga Studio & Meditation Sanctuary. She has over 300 teaching hours and has taught yoga for over 15 years. She teaches an eclectic blend of many yoga disciplines. Dee is known for her 7 week Chakra Balancing classes. She is a certified Reiki Healer and is certified to teach Heartfulness Meditation. Dee’s goal is to teach others to find health, well-being, and inner peace through body movement, breathing, and meditation. Her work is my purpose for being as well as her spiritual purpose. Contact Info- Free Spirit Yoga Studio & Meditation Sanctuary 6010 N. Villa Ave., Suite #1 Oklahoma City, OK. 73112 405-412-3582

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