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NSP 37: Frank Castillo Champion of Comedy Central Roast Battle II, Gaming, Inspiring Comedians. Weed Scenes Around America,
October 08, 2017 Jay & Titus
We had the pleasure and privilege to talk with none other than the funny comedian himself Mr. Frank Castillo. He is the reigning champion of Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle II War of The Words. He is a bay area native born, die-hard Sharks fan and raised in San Jose, CA. He works at the world famous Comedy Club store and now resides in LA. He's performed with other comedians like Steve Trevino, Adam Ray and Dave Chappelle! He has his own podcast called Verbal Violence and has been featured on the Joe Rogan Experience episode #918! Check that episode out, pure gold!

We talk politics, poke, video games, traveling, his comedy tour and he even writes bits as we're doing the interview. All coupled with some in depth perspective of how an up and coming comedian lives his life and perfects his craft--bringing laughter to people. Such an awesome conversation please enjoy because we surely did!

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