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SC035 Molly Grisham
February 15, 2018 PL Hade
We're back this week with a show for all of us coaching needing to learn how to make leaders on our teams! Molly Grisham joins Nick and Shaun to discuss her time coaching in the college game and how helping other teams caused her to leave coaching and create a new venture! Molly gives great advice and tips on things to look for in your team when finding and making the leaders. Also, Shaun's son talks throughout the whole outro...proving why it's better we record at night. Join the discussion on twitter every Wednesday night at 9:30PM EST following www.twitter.com/ChatSoccr and the hashtag #SoccerChat! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hosts: Nick Rizzo- www.twitter.com/CoachNRizzo Shaun Soderling - www.twitter.com/CoachSoderling Guest: Molly Grisham- http://www.twitter.com/MollyGrisham http://www.apersonofinfluence.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPONSORS: Hiram Grooming Co http://www.hiramgroomingco.com Use the code "ILOVEHIRAM" for 15% off your next purchase! Social Media For The High School Athlete WEB - www.socialstudentathletes.com FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/HSSocialMedia TWITTER - www.twitter.com/HSSocialMedia
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