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Vitality Now w/ Lucy Coppes, Ep. 34

March 19, 2018 Season 1 Episode 34
Thrive Tribe 419
Vitality Now w/ Lucy Coppes, Ep. 34
Thrive Tribe 419
Vitality Now w/ Lucy Coppes, Ep. 34
Mar 19, 2018 Season 1 Episode 34
Lucy Coppes
History may give us clues to living our highest wellness potential today.
Show Notes
Lucy is a personal mind trainer and teaches her clients how to LIVE. She is a "vitalist," which is a theory about life that was once accepted in our society, but not longer considered relevant. Lucy feels this opinion is wrong because the mind and body need to work in sync for people to achieve true wellness. She is a graduate of the College of Integrative Nutrition and is a certified Aroma Freedom Techniques Practitioner. She operates her health coaching business in Northwest Ohio.

In this first of two episodes, we discuss what a health coach is and why people need a coach. We talk about why we struggle with self care and why people go from doctor-to-doctor with no help for their chronic health issues. We also talk about what it really means to live the best life possible, and how resiliency and our instant-gratification culture plays into this. Lucy is especially interested in history, and allows this to inform her work.

In Part 2 (coming soon), we'll discuss genetic memories and Aroma Freedom Technique and how this can help get to the root of body-mind issues to help someone achieve their wellness goals.

If you'd like to learn more about Lucy and her services, please visit or email her at You can also look for her on Facebook under "Lucy Coppes."

If you enjoy the connection between history and health care, Lucy recommends the book "The Nazi War on Cancer," by Proctor (Princeton University Press).

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