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Blizzard-Cast - Vintage Motorcycle Podcast #145
December 12, 2016 --- - (Dustin J. Elliott) - Dustin J. Elliott
BLIZZARD - It's officially Winter around here.  Podcast Acronym Challenge Entrants so far:  Fellowship ofLike-minded Individuals Choking and Kicking Engines andMotorcyclesFLICK'EM CLEVIN MOTO Keep in mind the Cleveland International Motorcycle Show will be January 27-29 at the I-X Center in Cleveland. CLEVELANDMOTO GIFT GUIDE A subscription to RoadRunner Magazine The Multi-Tool to End All Multi-ToolsGerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool Heated Boot Insoles Touring Underwear Thor MotorCross Socks Cruz Tools Outback'r Folding motorcycle tool WANNA RENT A BIKE?  GOT A BIKE TO RENT? Check out Riders Share - I already listed a couple of our bikes...we'll see what happens.
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