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ClevelandMoto #140 - Stats and Facts - Numbers and Data - Why haven't you crashed yet? Everyone's doing it.
November 11, 2016 --- - (Dustin J. Elliott) - Dustin J. Elliott
Steve "I'm not buying any more bikes this year" Hoffert shows up with his new bike:  So, I've been testing this Harley Davidson FLTRU -  Gotta say, for what it's built to do, it does it very well.  But DAMN, it's heavy. Built to eat LOADS of freeway miles. Not the most fun around town, or anywhere you need to see what's like 6' in front of you.  TESTING - TESTING  -  HERE ARE THE LINKS TO THE TESTS WE WERE TALKING ABOUT:,4643,7-123--16274--,00.html That's the Michigan State Patrol Vehicle testing information... . Great stuff. That's ALL THE LINKS - For the VTTI / MSF testing we talked about. 
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