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Beyond the Brand

Linda Chatmon

For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs. This podcast talks about ups, downs, triumphs, tribulations, failures and successes that entrepreneurs face every day behind the scenes. I talk about those issues that no one else wants to tackle. This is NOT a training or how to podcast, but will motivate and inspire you to become an entrepreneur or it will make you reconsider. Coming to you straight out of Atlanta and hosted by powerhouse entrepreneur Linda Chatmon, this podcast takes on topics other entrepreneurial focused broadcasts dare not touch. A far cry from typical “how-to” advice, this show digs unafraid into a variety of issues affecting business owners today—good, bad and ugly. On tap for discussion: the large number of successful women dating incarcerated men, how to remain feminine yet powerful in male dominated industries, real life struggles of those who have tried and tried again before finally “making it” and much more. Chatmon is the founder and President of Contracts and Grants, LLC a highly successful company serving small and minority owned businesses, owner if the App Diva, a software development company, President of Southern Crescent Chamber of Commerce and advisory board to the largest Tax Allocation District in the state of GA. With a variety of guests, I will provide both male and female perspective on all matters, creating dynamic he said/she said rapport audience members will relate to. Never scripted and with opportunities for audience engagement, this live podcast is a must-listen for any entrepreneur or business owner hustling to make it work out there (because who isn’t?). Follow us on Facebook and then tune in to hear what transpires—you don’t want to miss it.

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