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Daily Sacrifice Ceased (AD 66)
July 14, 2013 Ed Stevens
Menahem, who was one of the early Zealot leaders, led his rebel forces to Masada, overpowered the Roman garrison, seized all the weapons stored there, left an occupational force, and then came back to Jerusalem to help the rebel forces in their struggle against the moderates, royalists, and the Roman garrison. Because of his murder of Eleazar's father, and his tyrannical arrogance, Menahem was killed by Eleazar. This left Eleazar once again in total control of the Zealot forces and most of the city of Jerusalem. Eleazar put a stop to the acceptance of all Gentile sacrifices at the temple, including the daily peace offerings on behalf of Caesar and Rome. This seems to be the fulfillment of Daniel's prophecy about the daily sacrifice ceasing. Check it out. If you wish to have the free PDF written lesson outline for this podcast, simply email us to request it ( Be sure to mention the date of this podcast when you email us.
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