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Genesis: Myth, Figurative or Historical?
September 01, 2013 Ed Stevens
Is the Genesis account of Creation and the Flood literal and historical, or merely figurative or mythological? And how does that relate to the Preterist view and our explanation of the NATURE of fulfillment of the endtime events? Every systematic theology has to deal with Genesis, and the way they interpret it will automatically determine how the rest of their paradigm will be configured. It is absolutely critical to get the BEGINNING right, or the ENDING will be wrong. Any other preterist view of the resurrection which builds its paradigm on an allegorical or mythological view of Genesis is doomed to failure. That is why the Individual Body View of the Resurrection is building its system on the foundation of a literal, historical Genesis. If you wish to have the free PDF written lesson outline for this podcast, simply email us to request it ( Be sure to mention the date of this podcast when you contact us.
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