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Resurrection out of Sheol-Hades
September 08, 2013 Ed Stevens
There is so much confusion in both futurism and preterism about the place in the unseen realm called Sheol or Hades. We take an in-depth look at the Old Testament concept of Sheol to show that it was the place where the conscious disembodied souls of all the dead, both wicked and righteous, were held captive until the resurrection and judgment of the Last Day. Those dead ones needed to be raised out of Sheol-Hades in order to get their new immortal bodies and go to heaven. So it is clear that whatever else the phrase "resurrection of the dead" might mean, it had to at least include the raising of those disembodied souls out of Hades. We notice that Rev. 20 mentions this resurrection at the end of the millennium, and how this is the same defeat of Death that is mentioned in 1 Cor 15:23-28, implying that Paul was not talking about a Collective Body concept, but rather the resurrection of the rest of the dead out of the Hadean realm. If you wish to have the free PDF written lesson outline for this podcast, simply email us to request it ( Be sure to mention the date of this podcast when you contact us.
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