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Why Bodies Were Not Raised?
September 15, 2013 Ed Stevens
Futurists relentlessly pester us preterists with the nagging question: "There is no record of bodies coming out of the graves in AD 70. If the dead were raised at that time, why were the physical bodies of the dead saints NOT raised?" In this session we look at some of the various concepts of resurrection that are mentioned in the Bible, including the "bodies out of the graves" (BOG) view of the futurists, the "souls out of Hades" (SOH) of both futurists and preterists, and the related concept of bodily change for the living saints at the time of the Parousia. We discuss the afterlife hope of all Christians and show why Preterists have a better hope. Then we provide nine different reasons why the physical bodies of the dead saints were not raised back to life on earth. Hint: It has something to do with the fact that the eschatological resurrection was supposed to be a "better resurrection" (Heb. 11:35). If you wish to have the free PDF written lesson outline for this podcast, simply email us to request it ( Be sure to mention the date of this podcast when you contact us.
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