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John 14 and Dwelling Places
June 08, 2014 Ed Stevens
We explain John 14:3 to show that Jesus was promising a real cognitive experiential "reception" (rapture) of his disciples into the unseen realm of heaven at His Parousia. Critics of the first century rapture have to SPIRITUALIZE the "dwelling places" language, and IGNORE the "receive you to Myself" promise of Jesus! But that was NOT just figurative language about a covenantal status or soteriological condition, or code for the Collective Body or life in the Kingdom in a spiritual sense only. We show that the dwelling places of John 14:2-3 are actually in the unseen spiritual realm of heaven, and were not accessible to the saints until AFTER the transition period, and that Jesus (actually, cognitively, and experientially) took his disciples out of the visible realm on earth and "received them" into those new dwelling places in the unseen spiritual realm at His Parousia. If you wish to have the free PDF written lesson outline for this podcast, simply email us to request it ( Be sure to mention the date of this podcast when you contact us.
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