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Signs of the End (AD 65-66)
June 16, 2013 Ed Stevens
After Nero waged war against the Christians, things begin to go badly for him. There was a conspiracy against him, a pestilence that killed 30 thousand in Rome, and a hurricane just south of Rome that destroyed many crops and fruit trees. The situation in Judea was getting worse by the day. Armed groups of bandits, Zealots, and assassins were plundering the countryside, forcing many to flee from their ancestral homesteads. Numerous signs in the heavens and on earth were occurring more frequently now. Many of the Jews sensed that something bad was about to happen. In Jerusalem, some were lamenting the worsening situation, as if it was already doomed to destruction. While the high priest was leading away a heifer to be sacrificed, she gave birth to a lamb right there in the temple courtyard. We suggest some possible interpretations of this very strange event for both Jews and Christians. If you wish to have the PDF lesson outline that is available for this podcast, simply email us to request it ( Be sure to mention the date of the podcast for which you would like to receive the PDF.
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