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Joshua Francis, The Promised Land - Elvis and the Good Samaritan, July 2018
January 17, 2018 Joshua & Sam Francis

The "Houston We Have A Solution" Show is an extension of the Promised Land show based on the Good Samaritan. In 1977 Elvis Presley performed a show which is universally recognised as his worst show - due to being very ill indeed and overworked. Subsequently he sounded tired, he was slurring and it was not a good show. Someone has cruelly put the show on YouTube for all to laugh at. In Joshua's imagined situation, he gets on stage to help Elvis, to vocally carry him where he needs it most. This is what someone should have done at the time, but sadly it never happened. The result is an entertaining hour for Flame listeners' listening pleasure! Joshua isn't acting in this, except where obvious. He listened to the show once, then shut his eyes, and did it live, imagining he was there and living it. Everything is spontaneous, "Lounge Band Blues", where he taunts Elvis' band, is improvised. Massive, sustained notes cover where Mr Presley should have been. In a world where all is cruelly bootlegged, all have chosen to jeer and point at Elvis's show and none have tried to save it. This is a fantasy/parable/defacto demonstration of the practical application of a Good Samaritan coming to the rescue. It was also Joshua's application of "slingshot grieving"; instead of letting something hit you in the chest, catch it like a cricket ball, follow its momentum, swing your arm around full circle, and chuck it straight back out as something useful. This programme is in memory of Louise Cheetham, 1974-2017.

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