Motorcycle Men

Episode 31 - The Black Indian

January 27, 2016
Motorcycle Men
Episode 31 - The Black Indian
Motorcycle Men
Episode 31 - The Black Indian
Jan 27, 2016
Brothers on Bikes
Show Notes
Hello brothers and sisters, it's the Motorcycle Men back in the studio for yet another episode of idiocy.

In this episode, we discuss the snow, Chris's bike, a very bad audiobook and the Harley Rendezvous Classic, something you should really check out and we talked about the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville.  We also talked about the new and very potential bagger produced by BMW, the Concept 101 designed by Roland Sands.  Quite the machine and one we saw at the International Motorcycle Show in December.  

We also chatted up our High Point Ride we are planning for this year.  You might want to keep an ear open for that, because it's going to be epic.

This Episode was also the premier of our new series, "50 Roads, 50 States".  In this series we highlight a state and tell a little something about the roads and attractions you can find in each state.  In this episode, we thought it best to kick it off right here in our home state, New Jersey.

So enjoy, and please by all means send us your comments, we look forward to them.

Ride safe and don't smell,


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