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Blue Dragon Presents - BDIC Speakers, The Best of The Best
March 08, 2018 Susan Hamilton / Ret. Col. Frawley and Ret. Sgt. Morris

Unparalleled skills, knowledge, and experience - BDIC Speakers are the best of the best. Ret. Sgt. Richard Morris and Ret. Col. James Frawley talk with Susan Hamilton about their upcoming national tour, headlining all stars in military and first response tactical delivery and recovery.

Active killers in schools, churches, and public squares must be stopped at the very first signs. BDIC offers training that prepares police departments and security teams for the best possible outcomes. Go to BDIC.net to learn more.

Civilians may not know the peculiar struggles our officers deal with on a daily basis, and with today's escalated aggression, we need to understand how to support the men and women who support US. Blue Dragon International Consultants, LLC, (BDIC) gathers local public servants by the hundreds all across America to share the latest, most effective strategies, tactics, and mindsets so they can meet today's demands head on successfully.

On August 30-31, 2018, Blue Dragon Presents will kick off their national tour in Fort Worth, Texas. Go to BDIC.net to register or sponsor an officer in North Texas to attend. Businesses interested in vendor opportunities to serve this audience can contact Susan Hamilton at 214-714-0495 for additional information.

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  • CEO, Host, and Program Direction, Susan Hamilton
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