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The Future of Search (ft. Stephan Spencer)
February 13, 2019 Jeremy Goldman

The Future of Search (ft. Stephan Spencer)

Today we're talking to the search and SEO pioneer Stephan Spencer. He's a 3-time author, avid blogger, international speaker, and consultant on all things SEO. Over the course of his two-plus decades in search career, he's done it all, and now he shares his wisdom and expertise, especially via his two podcasts Marketing Speak and The Optimized Geek.

We talk with Stephan about how full-blown AI will impact the future of search, how voice may impact search and why ranking #2 may not even matter anymore, the idea of moonshots and how to incentivize innovators towards taking them, and why SEO experts can no longer fool Google. 

Stephan's a fascinating guy with an interesting approach towards forecasting the future -  analytically, methodically, and rooted in what his history as a technologist has taught him. We hope you enjoy.

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