Bad Romance

June 06, 2018 Season 1 Episode 16
Show Notes
Did you miss us? After a week of resting and recovering, the Critelli's are back with A NEW EPISODE OF RELATIONSHIT!! It's the week after Marko's birthday celebration and with age comes great exhaustion. After a jaunt around Washington DC, all Marko and Tony brought back was a sinus infection and a bumpy bus ride. But, we all know that an episode of the podcast can cure what's ailing ya ... FIRST VERSE: With tears in our eyes, this week's #GayRelationshipGoals is a wonderful couple out of Denver, Colorado. Christopher Huizar (@fatty_chris) and his boyfriend Gabe Roman (gabe_r_roman) walked home, hand-in-hand, after leaving a local nightclub on May 27th. What started as a wonderful night out for this couple, ended with the two being attacked by a random "man", hurling homophobic slurs at the couple and eventually stabbing the couple. Chris was stabbed in his hand and back, while Gabe was stabbed in the neck. The two were hospitalized and Gabe is still recovering from severe injuries due to the attack. Please support this beautiful couple, by visiting their GoFundMe page ( to help them with their hospital bills and recovery. We want to shed light on a couple that had so much love for one another before this incident, and will continue to love one another after this. They are an inspiration to the community and we love them for who they are. CHORUS: It's the NEWLYWED GAYME!!! With your hosts (and contestants): The Critelli's!! This week, Marko and Tony play Round 1 of the Newlywed Gayme. We asked Marko twelve questions about his relationship with Tony, and we will see whether or not the two are able to match answers. Stay tuned, and find out how well the couple knows one another! SECOND VERSE: How does a couple keep the fire of romance burning in their relationship, after many years have passed? It is clear that Marko and Tony have very different definitions of romance, and this episode promises to clear up any confusion. The two talk about cinematic romance vs. real-life romance, and which one appeals to them, the most. Later, they talk about whether or not theirs is a closeness that doesn't allow for romance, and how to fix that - if that is the case. BRIDGE: 1000 LISTENS, STRONG. "Thank you to the listeners and supporters of the podcast, up until this point. We are so thankful for your love and interest in the podcast and cannot wait to get to the next 1000! From the bottom of both our hearts ... we appreciate you." - Marko & Tony Today's Listener Shituations: This big gay fish in a little straight pond is having a hard time finding love. The clubs are dangerous and the apps are scary, so how do you find the love of your life when your dating life is practically nonexistent due to your geographical location? Lastly - Do opposites actually attract? The Critelli's seem to be completely different people, but manage to make a relationship work. Do they actually share the same values? Or, is this a clever rouse and agenda being pushed by the gay mafia? (The answer is: "Yes, to both"). - - - - - Relationship problems? EMAIL US: We will answer your questions on the show. - - - - - RATE US: Go to your favorite podcast directory and give Relationsh!t a 5-Star rating, and fantastic review! It sounds like a big ask, but it helps us out tremendously. If you have 5-minutes, help us out! - - - - - FOLLOW US: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @podrelationshit - - - - - SPECIAL THANKS: @steveedesigns (Instagram) for our logo! @mdotcot (Instagram, Twitter) for our editing! and (last but not least) ... @tinman_tc (Instagram) ... and, Antonio Carter for our music


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