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Watkinsville First United Methodist Church Podcast
August 12, 2018
August 12, 2018 Emily Case
Watkinsville First United Methodist Church Podcast

August 12, 2018

August 12, 2018

Emily Case

If Only I Had...What They Had
If Only I Had...What They Had

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:02Good morning, I'm representing the face and I'm honored and blessed and proud. Here at first united methodist. We are continuing a series. If I only had my dad can only finish that sentence with if I only had a brain in your head as a and as we continue to worship together, our scripture today as Miss Amanda has already started us on is in genesis. If you are looking at up in your own Bible, genesis is at the very beginning, so it past the title pages and it is right here. We're going to be in chapter four here. Now a word from God. Now the man knew his wife Eve and she conceived and bore cain saying, I have produced demand with the help of the Lord. Next, she bore his brother Abel. Now Abel was a keeper of the sheep and Cain was a tiller of the ground.

Speaker 1:1:05In the course of time, cain brought to the Lord, an offering of the fruit of the ground and able for his part brought the firstlings of the fall and the Lord had regard for Ableton is offering a per cain and his offering. He had no regard, so cain was very angry and his countenance fell. The Lord said to Cain, why are you angry? Why is your commitments? If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is working at the door. Its desire is worth you but you you must. So cain said to his brother, Abel, let's go out into the field, and when they were in the field, cain rose up against his brother Abel and killed our friends. This is Scott Story. This is God's voice. This is hard.

Speaker 1:2:19This is live. This is the word of God for us. The people of God. Thanks be to Jesus in these moments, in us and around us and through us. We know that you weren't here. Show your stuff amazed. Astonish us. Teach us something new. Change our sin. Written hearts. Draw us closer to you and closer to your blessings. Help us to give to you in these moments of us to get rid of all distractions so that all that we see and hear and know is view. Lord may the words of my mouth and the meditations of all of our hearts together and be pleasing and acceptable in this. Your sight. Oh Lord, our rock and our theme where my friends will be jealous of.

Speaker 1:3:21The more I get to be a preacher of the more I think, I don't understand. I really wish that the more you study the Bible, the clearer you are on everything. But I think sometimes the more you know, the less you know. Does that work when you were little? Like I thought I knew it. I was in fifth grade, like I was so smart and then I got to sixth grade and I realized I didn't know nearly as much, but then again, the more I know the lesson, I know sometimes, but this is what I do know and this will not change. God loves you. There is nothing you can do to make him question his love, to make him love you less. He loves you. And if you know that to be true about what that other family across the street looks like, why are they worried that their grasses to grow beautifully but always stayed and yours has some bear? Why isn't it God loves you, that you're so worried that their marriage, if yours isn't quite what you expected, is it that we get so jealous? If we know in our heart of hearts that we are lucky, a friend, sometimes we come to this place and we are uplifted and we are told how much you are loved and I hope you hear that, but I also hope today you get your toes stepped on a little because I spent all weekend my toes stepped on it. It's your turn. Okay?

Speaker 1:5:09We don't talk much outside of children's Church about the 10 commandments, but they're important. God gave Moses in Exodus, exodus 20. God gave Moses 10 ways that we should follow God and guidelines to make us better. If I asked you to name name, I know the song from my fourth grade kitchen usable, or else I don't know that I could make that either. But here, the two I to think about today, Number One, exodus chapter 20, verse Number One, you shall have no other gods before me. God first. In our society, when we wake up, we check our phone. We don't check our phone, we checked the. We don't check the news, we just God come first. Or does your phone come first? Does the first one, is the news come first? How are we going to be jealous if we know what is now god is providing and we'll keep providing. Number two is actually the 10th commandment. I'm going to read it so I say it right, right. Okay. That one I can remember. This one I'm not so good at because I. lots of words. Okay. This is verse 17. Do Not Covet your neighbor's house. Maybe not my neighbors, although I do like my neighbor's house. He's my neighbor pendants somewhere. Anyway. Do you come Internet chunks? I mean they have swimming pool, but they also have to clean that.

Speaker 1:6:49Not Be Jealous Up. Do not want more than God or neighbor's house, nor your neighbor's wife, nor male or female sways your offshore donkey. Okay, we're good with that. Slaves. We've got the gunk. That's easy, right? Is that what you meant? I mean, but you get what I mean because this comes in or anything that belongs to your neighbor. My friends. I still remember Easter Sunday when I was about in third grade, the Easter bunny in everybody else's post brought them a cogo wall to think of it like Saturday pe. The inside the planet of Saturn is and the bringing of Senator Madigan's is big plastic thing and you get to Joel. It's like a pogo stick without a stick jumped off of everyone else. Usually money brought everyone else but me. I still remember that. Do you have a moment like that where everyone else had the nice dress and you didn't where everyone else has a really cool in here sneakers where everyone else was getting married or having babies or blaming amazing jobs do not covet someone else and we live in this world that makes us more things that makes us.

Speaker 1:8:19Some of you don't know what I'm talking about and some of you do. Do you still have your phone with this? No, nobody, just me. That's me. I sit on my phone some days and pictures of what everyone else is doing. I'm telling you, I don't know how teenagers are going to get through high school. I was referring to three weeks later my friends had gone to post pictures on instagram and I get to see my friends even though we're now, we have these mediums. People judge our real lives either. So there's this, there's this piece of social media where you get to post beautiful pictures y'all and let me tell you, the national geographic one is amazing. Somebody I would really love it, but it's called instagram and have another cool, funny, fun working pictures like this one. Now this the Selfie, right? You know what a Selfie is that every month on me, but I might pack with my phone, right? I would go with this, which probably a really bad one, but you got it right. You take a picture of yourself isn't an amazing resume. You know? This is where he really was.

Speaker 1:9:45How often does their instagram picture better than the reality or how about this one? What amazing things to eat like this? I mean that is how in the world. I mean that's just perfect. I know the moms and you're thinking, why do you have sugar on my table? What is the reality? Looks more like exactly the same pictures. I couldn't make it work the way I meant to, but my friends. Here's the thing, when you can cut out three fourths of the frame, you can make anything look beautiful. So if you're looking at the woman who is posting beautiful pictures, beautiful pictures in the background, are you jealous of the beautiful moments where you realize that everyone, maybe some people have a toddler screaming in the background. What about, you know, this is a beautiful. I mean it stretched a little so it may be a little awkward, but she has amazing my friends.

Speaker 1:11:09Why are you judging your real life based on their highlight reel is my favorite because the ones that I'm most jealous of, I will tell you, God made me love exercise and love somehow to equal measure and I love Yoga. I love swimming, but that doesn't mean I've never been good at anything with throwing the softball, so how cool would it be to do a headstand in yoga that was just getting into his headstand? Nine. Amazing. I want to be like her problem. Is she like her, my friends. When you are being jealous, why are you being jealous? Are you being jealous of what they did for you? Wishing you had something and making up a story to see what it was like. Friends, maybe if you are a stroller like me, maybe this week we need to delete the APP. Maybe until we can get ourselves in line.

Speaker 1:12:23We need to not check it. I couldn't just not check it. I'd have to delete it from my phone. For the record, my friends, what are you jealous of? Our scripture is really, really real. If you were going through tough times in life when they're gone or will go through tough times of life, guess what? You're human and there is scripture for you. Don't think this Bible. Don't think all of these people are perfect because all of the people in the. There's one perfect person in this whole thing and he was God. He was Jesus and a person and God that that's the only perfect one. God uses this just like you and just like me, and this is a new story. Amanda and I talked a lot this morning and this week about how in the world that chose this and how she was going to do a children's moment based on this.

Speaker 1:13:21This is tough stuff. If you read it in the Niv, it uses some different words, so go back home and read the NIB. It's very interesting, but here's how the story goes for the first people, right? We know the story in genesis one by one, the first day God created the heavens and the earth, right? Right, but like, that's not true. Y'all go back and read it and tell me why I said that wrong. We'll move on because I'm gay. One that's wrong. Go look it up later. Okay, I'll give you an extra box of the world. God created humanity and then we mess up. We made bad choices and sin entered the world. What does Sydney, Sydney is anything that separates us from God. It's an archery term. If you are doing archery or darks, I know dark feminine are free. Whatever they know.

Speaker 1:14:16If you miss the Bullseye by this much, you still miss the Bullseye. If you missed the whole sideline this much, you still miss the Bullseye. If you miss the most like 30 miles, you still miss my friends. Where are you missing the mark? We're ascending, creeping in anime. What can creep into the portal and so we all suffer and don't like them because no, I would have eaten the fruit to go with them two and so on. You and you say, I guess what scripture says and she can see produced the man with the help of the Lord, part of her punishment for sin. This is the part that is coming in this story because women were sinful. We get to bear children, which is a joy and a curse, right? Good and bad. I'm thinking we get to bear children and man, I am in my friends' babies make us happy, but you little brother, big brothers, big sisters happening and vice versa. Right. I cannot imagine the jealousy. I cannot imagine how hard it is except that one time I was a big sister, big sister, but you'll get one time. This story is. That was not very nice to her for awhile. Now I'm working on it. When we talk about jealousy, sibling rivalry is my friends. Your brothers and sisters, why are you worried about what they'll be thankful be loving all at once.

Speaker 1:16:32Now Abel was a keeper of the sheep and Cain was a tiller of the ground to be a farmer or shepherd. What's better to be a teacher or a policeman? What's better to be a banker or a nurse? What's better to work in the checkout line at Publix? I don't know about which. Certainly if I asked you, that comes in your mind, right? They didn't come to your mind about what you liked and what you don't like. Sometimes it's a status thing. Certain professionals just get status. I mean how often when someone's adopter that we call them by their title. I mean, I'm not one to say too much, right? I called Patrick and now I've worked for that, so it's okay. Right. I think whatever you want to call me, kids, adults, whatever you want to call me, Greg. What I'm saying is we decide what career and that's.

Speaker 1:17:33That's messed up my friends. We need auto mechanics and welders and construction workers. We need doctors and lawyers and real estate agents. We need people to fix the electricity and we need people to engineer the electricity so it works in the first place and we need you. So why? We decided who's better and who's worse. In the course of time, pain came and brought the board and offering them the fruit of the ground and able for his car and brought the firstlings of his flock, their fat portions and the Lord in that regard for Abel and his offering, but for pain and his offering. He had no regard. No. This is the hard part to God. Brand is and not like obtain grants. What's for stealing brother sheep? If I had to read it several times to make sure that this. What it says is that Katie brought some from some of you, are you bringing back some of what he is giving?

Speaker 1:18:50Are you bringing a family, some of yourself, or are you bringing the first and the best? The fact is were the most delicious. We're the most fragrant. We're the most expensive, brought his best, and Cain brought some. Sometimes it might be more jealous because they seem to have more. Sometimes in life we're jealous because it looks like their houses in order and ours as well, let's say me, but sometimes we're jealous because they're doing the right thing and meet because they are living in when they're supposed to and bringing your best and we're pretty much stress my friends and your marriage is falling apart. Ask yourself today, am I doing my best to your family? Is Ask yourself, am I showing up and bringing my best or my career is not going in the direction that should ask yourself the question, am I bringing my best pieces and if your relationship with God is crumbling, bringing my best for my.

Speaker 1:20:14Just giving some to bring your best, bring what you have to show, show up. Guess what happens? This sounds so much like me. I'm sure it doesn't sound like you need. This is what he said. He said so cain was very angry and his countenance fell asleep. I'll give you a little secret on me. I'm not one who yells and screams lunch. I'm the one that goes all the way inside it. I'm not mad if I ever stopped talking. You might want to check with your manual. Did my youth and I got at them one time and I got silent and just kept doing what I was doing and they kept being young, wonderful adults and the one that knew me well, my guys, she silenced you better. Watch that doesn't make me feel good, but when came, she messed up. When he got angry and quiet, he got mad and depressed. When things aren't working out, even if it was your fault, you start says, come up with a very wide.

Speaker 1:21:50Why has your countenance fallen? Parents want to use that one. You think kids will get that line. Why has your countenance fallen? Why are you counting? If you do? Well, will it not be accepted? If you do the right thing, hey, if you live up to who I made to be, this is not the girl my friends. We live in a world where we think one mistake is just messed up. You messed up today. That doesn't mean it's the end, but how would you react to it? Is there a difference between saying I'm drawing right away and that's the government lending someone else? Is there a difference? Because if I don't care how good of shape I'm in the cards for me, whenever I can trip over something and I expect you to laugh, I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. I've already tried to burn the church down and like the carpet link someone in my house, but something in the wrong place, tripped over there and back away.

Speaker 1:23:22My friends are in your life blaming someone else for what you're doing. He said, you should know better and do better, and this is what God says. If you do not do well, sin is looking at the door and my friend said is looking at your door. That little bit of jealousy, that little bit of warning, but someone else grows very quickly. Sin is looking at the door. Its desire is for the sin, wants you, wants you to not be creative. Be wants you to be less than online made. You must master it. My friends. That may be a verse you need to remember. That may be a nurse. You need to commit to every citizen working at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must master a master to Sydney from April.

Speaker 1:24:29He just asked me and when they were in the field, cain rose up against his brother, Abel friends. We sat since and there is someone in here saying, well, God sent his people were in your life, have you killed someone's dream? Where in your life have you been angry and and let's send them in the door. Where in your life do you need to make better choices that bring your desk because it snowballs, snowballs quickly need you to make better choices. I need you to stop comparing yourself to. The gentleman says, I know, but it takes a whole lot of manure to make that screen, so if you're ready for that, we live in a culture that says, I must yesterday your Amazon pretty good because if their kid has it, I would get it in two days. I live in Atlanta, my friend. You are struggling with jealousy.

Speaker 1:26:00If you're struggling with sin or ways. Number one, I want you to look at your own sin. I want you to look at the places in your life where you are letting anger and fear and jealousy take over and I want you to repent to God and turned around and I want you to stop doing them here. It's hard. It's hard to find someone who is your buddy that you can say, I spoke to another cigarette, do I scroll through those things and I just want what she has. You say, all I want right now is more than I have and it's not good for me. All I want is a truth. All I want is to yell at you. You need to find someone that you can be honest with you because there is someone who is willing to be honest with you if you are honest with them.

Speaker 1:27:02Number one, look at your own sin and guilt. Number two, I want you to be thankful you can find ways to be facing you don't meet what they have because I got pretty dresses. I used theirs because I've got an amazing church. Why am I being one that looks like the one down the road? Because my family is amazing and I'm thankful for them. Why do I be a family that looks like in this world? Can you be thankful for it? You follow me on social media every Thursday, I post briefing Thursday because what I want to know is the three best things that happened. The three things you're thankful for my friends, if you asked your family every day, what are the three best things that happened you can cultivate, cultivate, number one, look at your own sin and guilt. Number two, be paypal. Number three, credit I know have freeze beautifully and I am thankful for her. I know what she wants and words together and maybe sometimes it makes it sound really good and we think I would never pray like they go, so I'm not good enough. That's why.

Speaker 1:28:14That's why we teach our children how great dog, when I listened to those children that good you can frame however you put the words together. Help face loud was a breakthroughs. You've got nothing else to help face Breyer's y'all. If you don't start with me now, you're going to miss what God has for you. Number One, the leader on sin. Number two, number three. Number four, you need to get connected. We live in a world that was sitting in church pews and we don't even know their names. We live in a place where you don't need Sunday school or a smaller. You can do church yourself. We are connected to people on facebook and instagram and we don't know what you're looking for. A Sunday school. I've got lots of mood and then you're looking for a smaller firm we're trying to work on, so this year we'll have eight community nights for the spring.

Speaker 1:29:17We're going to start working on what might look like. I have a couple of other people's suggestions, other small groups, so if you're interested in starting to let me know, I've got some feelers out. You need to get connected, not just a little bit, but real life. People need to know your dirty secrets that need to know that sometimes your consciousness, they need to know that sometimes we burn the biscuits because guess what you do? You want to get rid of jealousy, know who they are when they don't have their makeup things, know who they are in their souls, need to work on. You need to know what came to capable, so my friend and this week I challenge for you is to get a hold of your sin, to give it back to God and to try to be creative because he created these amazing. He created you. He created to be strong into the person who's creating to sing our closing hymn. Nobody offer is open. If you need to lay down that stuff, you need to say, God, I'm going to stop scrolling this week. If you need to say, God, help me find someone to connect to so that we can be.

Speaker 1:30:36You need to say, God, I'm stuck in this health and the other thing, our closing.

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