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E.C.P presents "Down the Hatch" Podcast
October 09, 2018 E.C.P presents "Down the Hatch"

THATS RIGHT FOLKS EPISODE 2 OF OUR HALLOWEEN MARATHON! These lovable loser take a look at 2012 stop motion flick Paraonoram and we get a little basic as we try pumpkin spice lattes form the land of Bucks and Stars. Plus a trip down memory lane as we eat some of our favorite candies. ALSO DON'T FORGET TO EMAIL US AT EMPTYCANPROD@GMAIL.COM AND LET US KNOW WHAT MOVIE YOU WANT US TO DO ON OUR FIRST EVER LIVE STREAM EPISODE ON HALLOWEEN!!! ALSO CHEAK OUT OUR PATREON PAGE WWW.PATREON.COM/THANKYOUFROMECP. . . . . “THEME SONG” BY E.L. ROTTEN REVIEW BY CONNOR SHERIDAN 

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