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What's Your Next Move
Well... NOW What Are You Supposed To Do???
February 03, 2018 Arlene Battishill
Welcome to What’s Your Next Move, the podcast for peak performers who are making things happen but are running into roadblocks that prevent them from getting what they want. Start by losing a high paying corporate job, then invent a product, bring it to market at the height of the recession, use only the Internet to build brand awareness and generate sales, go on to sell worldwide, appear on the ABC TV show “Shark Tank”, have companies chase you down to teach them how to create the same success and you’ve got a very unusual entrepreneur in Arlene Battishill, Ph.D. She's spent years advising companies on their digital marketing strategies and has an uncanny understanding of how to get people to buy. She now spends her time helping peak performers move beyond their roadblocks and create paths that help them transform their businesses and lives into what they’ve always dreamed of. She has a Masters degree and Ph.D. from Temple University in Philadelphia and lives in Los Angeles, CA. I’m your host and resident provocateur, Arlene Battishill and I want to know... What’s YOUR Next Move?!
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