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What's Your Next Move
When Sink Or Swim Is Your Only Option
May 29, 2018 Arlene Battishill
What’s Your Next Move is the podcast for peak performers who are making things happen but are running into roadblocks that prevent them from getting what they want. In today's episode, "When Sink Or Swim Is Your Only Option", Thom Singer, the internationally recognized public speaker and podcaster talks about his journey to becoming a highly sought after public speaker and the extraordinary relationship he has with his wife that contributed greatly to his ability to swim rather than sink when the shitstorm found its way to his door. Rarely do we get such an intimate look at a public figure's personal life and the lessons learned along the way. A beautiful look at the strength and magnificence of relationships. I’m your host and resident provocateur, Arlene Battishill, the Business Dominatrix and I want to know... What’s YOUR Next Move?!
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