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What's Your Next Move
When Stuffing Your Emotions No Longer Serves You
June 04, 2018 Arlene Battishill
Welcome to What’s Your Next Move, the podcast for peak performers who are making things happen but are running into roadblocks that prevent them from getting what they want. In this episode, "When Stuffing Your Emotions No Longer Serves You", we talk to Sherry Strong, an award-winning Speaker, Chef, Nutritionist and Food Philosopher about the world of addiction to food and sugar. She recounts her own devastating addiction to sugar and the origins of it and the way it impacted her life, how being a professional chef further facilitated her addiction, what her next move was and how her experience has led her to a revolution in how we deal with food, sugar and our bodies. Sherry has worked with elite athletes, billionaires, celebrities, CEO’s and people from all walks of life teaching them how to transform the way they relate to food and their body. She is the founder and the creator of the Sweet Freedom Project – which includes a multi-media transformational platform dedicated to helping people get sugar-free naturally for life. I’m your host and resident provocateur, Arlene Battishill and I want to know... What’s YOUR Next Move?!
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