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(Un)cultured Hypothesis
Jordan Peterson and the Bigger Picture
August 28, 2018 Johannes Koch & Jacob Sundberg

The increasing rate of specialisation creates a fragmented world view, a microscopic view which limits our understanding, our grasp of the totality. We could all need to zoom out intellectually - lest we get lost in detail.

In this episode, Jacob uses intellectual superstar Jordan B Peterson as a rare example of someone who dares to zoom out and move seamlessly between different disciplines and areas of knowledge - perhaps in part even explaining his rise to fame.

Jacob Sundberg is a Swedish author (http://jacobsundberg.se) and Johannes Koch is a German journalist. Together they hypothesize, entertain and enlighten you about a wide variety of topics ranging from the trivial to the existential - and usually spin them out into their illogical conclusions. At times philosophical, at times psychological but hardly ever researched or serious, they jostle with a new (Un)cultured Hypothesis every other week. Credit to Aaron Day for the jingle! 

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