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Being colorful even with Autism with Remi Rhymez
May 11, 2018 Jonny Awesum
Remi Rhymez, born Bukhari Ansar King, not only raps, he is also an actor, playwright, director, and an entrepreneur. Remi started rapping at the age of 11, when he was hearing professional wrestler, John Cena rap to his opponents. Remi finds inspirations in fellow artists Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Token, Joyner Lucas, Earl Sweatshirt, Brockhampton, Conceited, Vince Staples, Eminem, and Linkin Park. He started recording his own music and releasing videos of his music on Facebook where he grew his fan base at the age of 13! At 14, he started rapping to people at his local mall for money and when he hit 15, he started selling candy and his mixtapes door to door. Remi was diagnosed with Autism at a young age, which causes him to be standoffish and antisocial. Remi uses his performances onstage to alleviate his antisocialness. He performs at halftime shows for his high school. Remi is a student with a 3.6 GPA and has a Theatre scholarship coming his way. Remi has also won 1st place in the Kofa High School Talent Show 3 times in a row. Remi is an all-round entertainer with a bright future ahead of him. Remi prides himself in being different and colorful with his content and his appearance. Check out his music on iTunes Spotify, YouTube and more! This kid is someone to watch for!
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