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Music Mashtun 02 Lizanne Knott
October 16, 2018 Round Guys Brewing Company

Singer-songwriter and partner in Morning Star Studios, Lizanne Knott, stopped in before jetting out on her UK tour with fellow singer-songwriters Jesse Terry and Michael Logen. Lizanne, always a true pleasure to have on the show, treats us to a live rendition of "I Got Song." In this podcast, you truly get to know Lizanne, who shares with us her charitable musical contributions to the Congolese non-profit 'HEAL Africa' and charts the path of the song writing process from mind to studio. Additional audio provided by Revolutionary Void (Someone Else's Memories). Recorded in studio at the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company. 

Singer-songwriter and partner in Morning Star Studios, Lizanne Knott, stopped in before jetting out on her UK tour with fellow singer-songwriters Jesse Terry and Michael Logen. Lizanne, always a true pleasure to have on the show, treats us to a live rendition of "I Got Song." In this podcast, you truly get to know Lizanne, who shares with us her charitable musical contributions to the Congolese non-profit 'HEAL Africa' and charts the path of the song writing process from mind to studio. Additional audio provided by Revolutionary Void (Someone Else's Memories). Recorded in studio at the Underground by Round Guys Brewing Company. 

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00Yeah,

Speaker 2:0:01what?

Speaker 3:0:04Hey there. Welcome to another episode of the original slacker podcast presented by round guys brewing company located up in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. The underground where we are starting to record these episodes is home to a bunch of different events. We go rock shows. We got drag shows, we got comedy nights, we have board games, Yoga. Oh, we have a really cool movie night coming up the third Thursday of each month. We have movie nights with actually annotated by our very own in house, dry queen antichrist, and we also have some great jazz nights. Every Wednesday some events have food, some vanstone. If they don't have food, feel free to bring them in. Today. I have a guest, a long time guest for this show, and for the underground Lizanne not Louisiana is a really interesting story. Rosanne has been with. She's been around the underground since our inception.

Speaker 3:0:54Uh, she reached out to us when we started doing shows as she came down here, brought some great performers down. She was most recently in a couple of weeks ago with Jesse Terry, who she's going on tour with across the UK. And you'll hear more about that in the actual interview itself. Again, the original stacker inside their music mash on is brought to you by round guys printing company. We have locations in Lansdale England side. We opened up the Glenn side Ale House just a few weeks ago. Serve some great Mexican food, Mexican, new styles of eight freshly brewed beers on draft. Uh, and what else we got. Oh, I got a lot of things going on. So without further ado, I'm going to jump right into the podcast and we'll let Lizanne. So a story about her music and about how much fun she has driving around the UK. And really we're always excited to have Lizanne here. She'll be performing a song at the end and we might actually have an additional songs. Well, the first time before a live studio audience, you have a original slacker podcasts down here at the underground around guys printing company with Lizanne, not her second time on the show. Very grateful to have him as an back here. How you doing?

Speaker 1:2:13I am doing great. And you forgot to mention we have mooky the dog and, and Randall over there. It, I'm doing great.

Speaker 3:2:22You go to the UK, that's where you've really been inspired in the past, hasn't it?

Speaker 1:2:26Yeah. Yeah. And now this time maybe not because I'll be with those two with Michael Jesse. But um, yeah, normally because I have a lot of just alone time when I'm, when I'm touring, but this will not be alone time this tour. So tell me a little bit about touring with Michael and Jessie House. Have you guys certainly done little runs in the states? Um, we've known each other for a really long time. I think we met at the Bluebird cafe in Nashville, I believe, um,

Speaker 3:2:55and a bluebird is where you were pretty much a regular for a little bit. One more time.

Speaker 1:2:59Yeah, I

Speaker 3:3:00know, I've never really been a regular, but I, I'm lucky that I, I usually play there once or twice a year, um, by the good graces of Michael Logan who puts me in his rounds. But um, yeah, we toured, we did some little tours on the, on the northeast, like up towards, I guess with the furthest we went up was Connecticut, but we always have a whole lot of fun and we, we get along really well. They're like my little brothers, so yeah.

Speaker 1:3:32Great. We have really great relationships and so it'll be fun. I think we laugh a lot. We have a working vacation company teaching.

Speaker 3:3:40Excellent. Um, last time you were here, you mentioned you're doing mission room, right? Yes. No, I haven't done it. You haven't done it? Oh good.

Speaker 1:3:52I did want, it was an idea like your podcast here that I had of doing live shows from the studio that would be taped, um, that people can see, you know, live feed like you were going to do here. But um, and then they would get to choose prior to that we would choose which benefit, what would it benefit. Um, so it's still an idea in my head. I mean, I think the one that I did, we made a few hundred dollars for farm sanctuary. So in my mind, I'd like it to make, you know, I'd like it to really make a difference and I guess that does make a difference. Maybe it saved a pig. I

Speaker 3:4:31so. Yeah, and I mean I think it was a great concept. That was the concept is good. I just have to figure it out. Is that they keep flushing it out. That makes it work. It's called the mission room. It just has it. Yeah. I got to figure out how to make it work. Yes, exactly. Exactly. You've done stuff for the law philanthropy with your music. So I didn't realize before we spoke last time, I didn't do look through your full anthology, but he'll Africa, I know we spoke about I think a little bit last time round and for those of you listening, we last spoke back in January was a belief. Yeah. You were the first podcast again. Again, it was a. she's, she's right on time. Every time we need to change their foreign medical hosanna. That's so funny. But once you tell me a little about he'll Africa and that's got a great story. This is a great store. I would love to hear more. Um,

Speaker 1:5:34I was just watching, you know, pbs documentary on, on, on Africa and the problems in Goma and whatnot. Um, it started out about the mountain gorillas and then just went into. They were taking video of kids just walking. They said they walk hundreds of miles actually to get to the hospitals, you know, it's just war torn there. And um, I start, I just got riveted watching it and I, oh, I'm gonna I'm gonna write to. It was a, what is his name? Anderson Cooper. Anderson Cooper. Thank you. Was narrowing and I thought I'll just shoot a note to the station. Nobody's going to get back to me, you know, I said I'd love to do something to help and maybe I could do something musically to help out. And they had the producer of the show wrote me back and said, here's the director's name.

Speaker 1:6:19I'm sure they don't answer all their emails. They just take, they probably pick a few to answer in that group. Just some random person out there. Yeah, right, exactly. Exactly. So yeah, I got in touch with her and she called me and you know, we've met up in person and whatnot. She was all excited about me writing a song for them. So, uh, so I write a song and that was the original intention and then I just decided I'll just do a whole cd and put it together and then I just gave it to them so they get 100 percent of everything from it. But it felt good to do something and it was a collaboration. Right. You had all that? Uh, I had. Well there were, you know, I had abandoned. Yeah. Yeah. So I had abandoned to play on the CD itself and then I use some songs that are prerecorded as well, but I owned all the land. All the songs. Yeah.

Speaker 3:7:07I know he'll, Africa fits in really well to your typical solid music. Right? I mean it's very heartfelt.

Speaker 1:7:14The song itself or

Speaker 3:7:18it's very heartfelt, very passionate. Uh, I was just going back through some of your songs, like, you know, Tennessee and check it out, I believe, waited and stone's throw and they all have, you know, their direct emotional appeal.

Speaker 1:7:35Stay there I think. I think music in itself and, and songs and writing or are to purposefully touch people emotionally, you know, they, they do me. So I figured they'll do somebody else to. Um, Nathan Bell wrote stone's throw a friend of mine. He's an amazing songwriter. We'll get him to play here. Excellent. Love it. Nathan, if you're listening, you got to come play this club. He's from. He's in Tennessee. Yeah. It's a little more rocky than soon as I heard the song is out to do this. Yeah. Yeah. It's a great song.

Speaker 3:8:08Excellent. Yeah. With a versus going to go with this one. I

Speaker 1:8:13don't know. I was emotionally or I do emotional songs. Passionate. I'm very passionate about passionate songs. Wait was I loved it. It was very. It's Bluesy, bluesy. I have a real jazzy bluesy side. Then I am assigned to the edge as deal long time ago, but it, you know, there's not a, there's not a big audience, there's not a wide audience for jazz music. I used to play Chris's jazz in the city with uh, Jeff and John Monaghan and um, yeah, it's, I love it. I love, there's nothing like jazz to me to just sit back and if it's good that'd be good. But it's, you know, it's, I fall more into the Americana but I can't help that. It seeps, it seeps into my music and sodas, blues, Blues and jazz can help it. That's a great song. And I listened to your, uh, where did I come across?

Speaker 1:9:12Stolen cars out on the anthology anthology. That's, you know, that's a bruce springsteen song. Yeah, I did that really quickly. Um, we, Helen called me really to, to. I'm like, on the tail end, I think of what they were doing for Bruce springsteen for benefiting you. Can you do, can you do Bruce springsteen song? I was like, I guess somebody listening to his songs trying to find something and then John Plays Keyboard with me. Ha. Well, I was trying to find the easiest thing because I'm not, I'm not as Super Guitar player. I get around to pick up a tour. Oh Way. When I was maybe eight, I'd been playing long enough to be a great player, but I believe me, I've been playing style. I definitely have my own style. It's wrong, it's wrong. I, I tried, I did try to take lessons and I did take, you know, a few lessons.

Speaker 1:10:07Um, I just remember that the instructor who has this amazing player say, hm, you're actually playing wrong, but it works. He said, whatever you're doing, stop because it'll be your own style. He said, just keep doing, you know, I said, I want to do the right way. I want to learn the finger picking, just do what you're doing because somehow it's working is I don't want to change. So yeah. Yeah. Excellent. Yeah. What? Tell me a little bit about the album you, Jesse and Michael. That was done really quickly too. We, uh, after, after the fact of the tour, we decided we should have something to represent it, you know, because they said people are going to want some kind of music, so it's actually, it's going to be a giveaway cd over there, but we, um, we have, we have an anthology which is your new album, state side, and then we have on a road, oh, it looks like the dog, not something we have on the road and in around, and this is going to be the giveaway, but you weren't able to release this states.

Speaker 1:11:03It may be released state side on it, maybe be released by transoceanic records as well, but we're going to say after the tour, they're interested in releasing it here. But um, you know, we did it. We decided to do covers kind of on the fly and they were at the studio. We had five hours to do five songs. So we just, we just did it. We had Tom Hampton who is a great side man and an artist himself come in and it was just the three of us and Tom Little Tom Petty on here. We just literally had the songs picked out. We just were running through like, well, how about this cover? I feel like you guys looked at a playlist someone had, I don't know, these first five songs behind to do that. We need to have time to do that and we had to like run out.

Speaker 1:11:49We were running up and down the stairs to my office. Said print the lyrics out. Yeah, you guys do wallflowers. An excellent pretest. And that's a great. Yeah, that's great. Who doesn't like that? So yeah, it's a good album. Tom Petty though. I am a huge Tom Petty Fan so it was fun to him. One of his songs. Excellent. So what's next after you get back from Europe and sleep a little bit? No, no. Today I'm interviewing lots of sleep. Yeah, it takes it now. Usually it does take me a few days. Is Red Eye flight. That's your favorite thing out there? Oh, the, the landscape. I mean the people are amazing. You know, in England. Threw me off at first when I first started to tour because they're a little bit, some of them and, and like London, you know, when you're in the cities that are a little bit, uh, I don't want to say stodgy because that sounds so mean.

Speaker 1:12:43Maybe edit that out, but they seem very serious there. They're not, you know, and then you, the differences are amazing and you get to Scotland and everybody's rambunctious and wants and give you hugs and they bring you cookies and beer as gifts. It's like opposing and, and Ireland is kind of the same. Ireland's really friendly and England is listening. They're extremely friendly audiences. But yeah, I have, I have a great time over there. And the landscape. So, and the, the wild ponies, that's why you're out there. And the sheep, you know, my daughter and I, my daughter went with me one time. We got to rescue a lamb that was out of the fence and running down the middle of the road. So he did like adventures, you know, you find that veterans and things to do what you love animals of course you forces.

Speaker 1:13:29Yes. So obviously being up there, ponies are a treat, but. Oh, it's so fun. Yeah. No, you have horses. I do. I've toe. How are they doing? What they're, they're great. One is my daughters, um, that I got for her. And then I have a, uh, a Mustang from Nevada that I recently acquired. And do you do any rescue work for the horses? I want to. I'm actually talking to a friend of mine who lives in Mercersburg about doing a horse rescue. Gotcha. Yeah, we're looking into it. That'd be cool. Uh, you also are a partner in a studio. I am morning star CEO's Morningstar doing. It's done great. We're really fortunate. It's a really busy, busy studios, so busy that I can't get into record my own.

Speaker 1:14:17I'm always the one that gets bumped out because it's my own. So somebody, and it always happens. It's inevitable. I'll have sessions lined up for three days and then somebody will call and they need the whole week or are you going to do. I've been bumped myself. So what Clinton Barrett Barrett has done producing for her, like Diana Ross and he's done some amazing or. Yeah, he's worked with some time. He's on all kinds of awards. He produces every, all these. Everything he's produced on here. Yes. All my music. That makes sense. You have to have a studio if you can get in there. Wasn't a good. I mean I'd go elsewhere if I didn't like when he's so talented. He's really good at what he does now. How long have you been up in the norm? Right? Yeah. And it's any certain um, gosh, when do we move it up here?

Speaker 1:15:12I get probably 10 years. It'll be 10 years now. Not that long. Too many hidden. Do you do a lot of work over there in the studio and not anymore. I've been avoiding it. I use, I mean I'm supposedly the managing partner, but I haven't done. My business. I'm managing is done from afar. It's like it's a studio so it's closed off and I'm such an outdoor person. There's not, I don't even have a window in my office so I don't stay up there long. I got there and I like being outdoors, hiking around or at least near some open windows. Closed in or horses. Yeah. You've been out to. You've played throughout continental Europe too, right? I've, no, just Spain, Spain. I've been to, which was an amazing tour. Going back to the spa. My Gosh. I would go back there in a heartbeat.

Speaker 1:16:07We songs. No, in fact I didn't, I couldn't speak Spanish. I took my, one of my daughters speak Spanish. Um, uh, I guess, did she speak French or Spanish? One of the two, but we were in, we were in Basque country. I think she's, she understood French and so they speak a combination of French and Spanish. When she understood them a little bit, I had no idea. I really, I didn't know what I was getting into. My manager at the time told me, don't go, you don't know if you're going to get paid. And my agent who still books me, he said No. He said there, you know, there are good people go. And so I went, they paid me it wad of cash. When I first got there, he gave me money for my daughter to go shop and they treated me like gold and we couldn't understand a word either.

Speaker 1:16:54When say almost like funny. Even that the sound guys in the club, I play this one venue was a huge theater. People didn't know who I was. They just piled it because they liked my posters all over town on telephone poles. Things like where he put the lost dogs was all these people fall in and that. I was trying to tell the sound guys, you know your your stage plot kinda. And they put. I didn't know who I was. They put these huge smoke machines by me on either side and strobe lights. So here I am with my guitar. Strobe lights are going around and the smoke was. Jeans were louder than my voice because my voice is so what you hear this, she smoke. It was. It was an amazing experience, but a beautiful country and really friendly people who have no idea what they said, but it was. Well let me know when the album comes out. I'll.

Speaker 1:17:53Well listen, thank you so much for chat with me for a little bit. It's good to see new album and definitely be listening to it. If there's. What do you like best on this new album? What, what, what, what was your favorite song to make on this go? Well, because they took it from different. Tennessee is one of my favorite songs. Is that there really? Is that the song that got you known? I guess? I think. I think that the first song like that and I got any attention from was probably under the burning sky maybe or Jesus or Elvis. It was an old song. Actually. It was Jesus or all of us from my original little limited edition CD. They got airplay, a CD, a song that I didn't even want to do. I didn't want to record it. And Ben Arnold, you know who have been on this.

Speaker 1:18:42He said, um, he happened to be in the studio that day that I was arguing with Glenn that I didn't want to record that song going and I don't like it. And Ben said, I like it. He's an old plan and if you'll record it, so we did it and that's the only one that really took off, kind of got got airplay and musicians you work with when you record an album, a Ross ballam on some and just really great, really great session guys and then they. They do live shows with Mito. Excellent. Okay. Yeah, yeah. When I do benches down here, back in January and said, oh, he's a great singer songwriter too. He doesn't really push that side of it. Although he's coming out with is a. he's coming out with a record because he's in muscle tough and he plays with a lot of great people as a side man, but he is a great artist himself. A great writer. Yeah.

Speaker 2:19:30Excellent.

Speaker 1:19:37So you're really living your dream, right? I mean this is how the guitar has been with you your whole life since you've been with me since I was very little. I, I want it to be a writer. I actually, I actually wanted to write for national geographic. This makes plenty of sense. I had. That's what I wanted to go into either or I wanted to be some type of journalists, say they're wanting to be out setting wolves or I wanted to be on the front lines with the Cameron and a notepad in the war torn countries or something. I've pictured like something really adventurous job. Um, and this is pretty advanced on the front lines with different sorts. Yeah, I think that's really the goal. That's more who I am. It's what I do the same as you do what you do and it's just everybody has their thing.

Speaker 1:20:27I think anybody could be doing what I'm doing. I think National Geographic, I'll pay mr first. Oh yeah. I wanted it all that. Yeah, that's what I wanted to do, but I always, I've always played music no matter what I've done. I've always played music. Yeah, that's great. It's always with you and it sounds like a direct extension of yourself. I think that's what comes across most. Let's talk about the music being little more passionate. I think that's why I really miss it comes across more like just a direct extension of, of you as well. But yeah, that's for a singer songwriters, that's the most important part. It is important. I mean, I don't think of myself as a singer is I always just kind of call myself a songwriter even though. But because I'm not, I'm certainly not a trained singer and I'm certainly not a singer singer.

Speaker 1:21:16But yeah, I've writing has always been huge to me and I love writing music. So anything that's not music. Yeah, I have excerpts. I have stuff all over the place in boxes. I don't, I don't like to type things out so I have handwritten things and then the different ratings started over there. Probably at some point it'd be like maybe a book of short stories or essays or you know, I have a lot of pieces of stuff just written all over the place. Yeah, just stories that I've. Things I've done or come across people I've met, so it's a, there's no semblance of order. Alright. Luciana one. Thank you. One more time for coming on the original slacker podcast. This is fun. I really appreciate it. Good luck over in the UK. Have a great time. I know you're going to have a great time, especially with Jesse Terry and Michael Logan. Logan, yeah, they're great. They misspell mispronounce the first time through, so I try to correct myself. The second time we get called on, I, I get called Lizard Brain. I got to call a of things you've always pronounced my name correctly. Thank you for the great lies in Lucerne. Somebody with A. I'm

Speaker 2:22:28looking forward to this.

Speaker 3:22:37Well, there you have it. That's another great interview with Lizanne. Not always love having her around. She's, she's fun. She's great. She's got a great, an amazing voice and amazing. Uh, even though she doesn't want to admit it, I think are really great and I think her music is great too. Real fast. I want to let you know about a beer that we have on right now called Rye. He goes right, you know, it's football season and this beer is actually on special during the eagles games up landsdale Brewpub, 3:24 west main street in Lansdale, right? He goes right. It's a medium light beer, caramel, nutty flavors. Nice little spicy rye character coming into beer has some honeydew and some berry hop flavors. Hey, this beer is to me, it's a beer. I've been drinking pretty much all fall now. It's my go to this fall.

Speaker 3:23:25It's got nice. I would say like if you like, Oktoberfest has got a similar bill to it, just a little thinner because Dabrye, but it also has a nice balance to a Pale Ale with a tasty tasty hop character. Um, and that's just a little plug for some of the beers we have out there. If you're interested in learning more about the original or check us out, original slacker. You can also go to our website round guys, [inaudible] dot com where you can learn more about the underground, the glenside l house and the Lansdale brew pub, and even all about our beers and new things are always coming. So I'm sure that going to be changing over the course of the next three months. We're adding more stuff to it. Uh, it's, it's cool. Artwork by Rodrigo's goes rise by the Great Keith Greenman. Good Buddy of mine. I think the guy who does almost half the burry labels and Filipino, but before he was doing almost half used working with us and that's kind of a cool thing too. So I'll leave you guys go. Thanks again and have a great week. Everyone

Speaker 4:24:42makes me say that song like a song like makes me sing, brings me, brings me home like makes me smile, makes me smile and brings me home. Give cannot change. Not trying to explain too much. So like the earth beneath my bones. Seeing when I go home, my suit, pain in suit brings me, Oh my bench to get home.

Speaker 5:26:45I was bawling. Tears flow. So like the earth beneath my bones

Speaker 4:26:58spread me home.

Speaker 5:27:39Suzanne. Thank you. That was excellent. That was brilliant.

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