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Ghoul Talk: Episode 15 -Werecat Twins
May 23, 2014 mhghoultalk

Episode 15 Agenda Werecat Twins (Meowlody and Purrsephone) 1. How many doll styles have been produced -Which is your favorite version 2. Family - Parents? , siblings? Pet? 3. Translation from their monster background 4. Are the twins in the Lisi Harrison books and/or the diaries? From Ghoulfriends? 5. Are the twins more than just arm candy for Toralei? 6. Love interests? 7.SECRET QUESTION 8. NEW doll review by Michelle 9. Fakie discussion 10. Reminders about feedback from fans to Post in the main forum at the mharena and don’t forget to send in a message for dear Abbey!! 11. North American news with Amanda 12. Overseas news with Michelle 13.No dear abbey this week, please be sure to send questions in for abbey! Show notes : Thriller video: Bad video: Twins: dusk and dawn:,2711.msg67569.html#msg67569 In hand pics of Creepateria Cleo DeNile: Fakies:,610.0.html

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