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Ghoul Talk Ever After Episode 6: Briar Beauty
August 18, 2014 mhghoultalk

Episode 6: Briar Beauty Briar’s style and look Briar’s personality How many doll styles have been produced , and how many are coming soon? Which briar do you like best 4. Family -Parents, mention of any siblings?, Pet? etc flow into…Briar from the webisodes 5. Briarfrom the Storybook of Legends books and/or the diaries? 6. do we know what classes does she take? 7. Love interests? 8.Who is your favorite version of Briar? SECRET QUESTION 8. NEW doll review by Melissa 9. Reminders about feedback from fans to Post in the EAH forum at the mharena 10. News with Nikki Show Notes: Ghoul Talk Ever After thread on MHArena, dedicated specifically to the spinoff:,3209.0.html Pic of Thronecoming Briar Beauty

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