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Ghoul Talk Episode 20 Nefera De Nile
September 12, 2014 mhghoultalk

Nefera 1. Discuss Nefera’s character in the MH universe, her Background, where she comes from etc 2. polarizing character in both the webisodes and the dolls 3. Physical description of Nefera 4. How many doll styles have been produced -Which is your favorite version 5. Family (Melissa)- Parents?, siblings?Pet? 6. Translation from her monster/mummy background 7. is she in the Lisi Harrison books and/or the diaries? From Ghoulfriends? 8. Modelling Career, did it take off? 9. Love interests? 10. We know she's a tough competitor from the the webisodes and Fearleading, so maybe talk about her harsh attitude and her initially being unwilling to help the team because she’s so selfish )SECRET QUESTION 11. NEW doll review by Michelle 12. Reminders about feedback from fans to Post in the main forum at the mharena and don’t forget to send in a message for dear Abbey!! Show notes

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