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Jill Petersen - Choosing Happiness and the Beauty of Improvising
July 08, 2018 Preslie Hirsch
The Hey Preslie Podcast

Jill Petersen - Choosing Happiness and the Beauty of Improvising

July 08, 2018

Jill Petersen (IG: @jillpetersen8) is truly one of a kind, and I am thrilled to share her story with you on this episode. We start by discussing the two times, yes two, that she has left a stable career to pursue a bigger purpose. Most recently, she has added entrepreneur to her resume, and shares how her new venture will empower women to embrace self-care, live a purposeful life and let go of the baggage they may be carrying that's holding them back.

We also chat about:

• The ONE major thing her former manager told her that changed the way she lives her life (and how you can use it too!)

• How to get past the doubt that sets in after you make a bold change or take a leap of faith

• The negative implication of the word "just"

• The power in exploring the things you're secretly passionate about

• Ways to maximize the gifts you already have

• Why learning how to improvise is so important (with a hilarious example)

Throughout the entire conversation, there are moments of vulnerability, laughter, relatable stories of struggle, and tangible tips on coming into the best version of yourself. Jill is so full of energy and encouragement, and her perspective is exactly what you'd want to hear from a friend over coffee  — a reassuring pat on the back, a boost of support, and a lot of love. Please enjoy!


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