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#48: The Extra Teacher
September 10, 2018 Seth Tripp
Today on the podcast, I will speaking with Pepper Box Sponsor, Social Justice Club Sponsor, and writer of the blog “The Extra Teacher” Ron Steinschriber about his experience growing up in California, being a graduate assistant under the Legendary Jerry Tarkanian, leading a group of students a civil rights tour of the south, and teaching students what it takes to make an award-winning publication. Here are today's show notes. Feel free to jump to a part you're interested in and listen in or listen to it all! Either way, I hope you enjoy the interview! (0:00-3:12) Opening (3:12-14-15) About Ron Steinschriber (14:20-24:03) How to make an award-winning publication in high school (24:08-34:00) Game Changers Civil Rights Tour of the South (34:05-39:34) Ron's Blog, The Extra Teacher (39:45-41:10) Closing
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