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#61: A Look Back at October
October 29, 2018 Seth Tripp

In this episode, I take a look back at all of our episodes this month. From Mean Girls to soft skills, to four-day school debates to who is responsible for learning debates; This month had much to enjoy and to learn! Listen in and hear clips from each episode. If you missed an episode and liked the clip, check it out on or wherever you listen into podcasts!

Intro: (0:00-3:47)
#53 Mean Girls: (3:47-6:47)
#54 Four Day Fight: (6:47-10:42)
#55 Soft Skills and Point-Less Grading: (10:42-15:23)
#56 No Zeros Found Here: (15:23-18:34)
#57 At Any Expense: (18:34-22:00)
#58 Part-Time Professor/ Full-Time Teacher: (22:00-26:22)
#59-#60 Who's Fault is This?: (26:22-29:53)
Outro: (29:53-31:33)

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