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#63: Investing Your Vote in Education
November 04, 2018 Seth Tripp

In today's episode, I talk with Kevin Haar about what to look for when you go to voting booth on Election Day. We talk about early childhood education, school voucher programs, the balanced budget amendment in Indiana that deals with teacher pensions, and about the growing number of teachers who are throwing their hat into the political ring. The message is simple. Go vote with education in mind!

Intro: (0:00-3:38)
Early Childhood Education in Illinois: (3:38-16:10)
School Vouchers in Arizona: (16:10-22:21)
Balanced Budget and Indiana Teacher Pensions: (22:21-30:49)
Teachers who are politicians: (30:47-38:18)
Outro: (38:18-39:59)

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