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#64: 2019 Missouri Teacher of the Year-Shelly Parks
November 07, 2018 Seth Tripp

In this episode of the podcast, I am joined by 2019 Missouri Teacher of the Year, Shelly Parks. Shelly has been an English teacher at Francis Howell North High School for 16 years. She touts a record of student engagement, while also sparking former students to become teachers as well. Shelly says that her greatest contribution to education will always be helping other people achieve their dreams and their goals. 

Intro: (0:00-3:45)
Who is Shelly Parks: (3:45-11:39)
What the awad means:(11:39-17:51)
The Ripple effect: (17:51-29:30)
Outro: (29:30-30:50)

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