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Interview: Megan from Makeup By Megan
September 12, 2018 The Wedding & Event Creators

In this episode, we sat down with the lovely makeup artist Megan from Makeup by Megan to have a chat. Megan is an absolute wealth of knowledge and the absolute master in luminous lightweight natural makeup

Megan has over 15 years experience and has trained under the best of the best in the industry. During our interview, she gave us a huge amount of insight into how to prep your skin in the lead up to your wedding, what to expect on wedding morning and answers many pressing questions brides-to-be often have about choosing a makeup artist.

You can find Megan at her website: Makeup By Megan

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00Are you planning your own wedding? Are you stuck? The styling ideas, feeling a little overwhelmed? Then this is the podcast for you. I'm your host and wedding. Clean up the mess from the wedding and event created, and I'm here to bring practical hints and tips. Keep Start Your wedding planning. You'll listening to the south coast waiting podcast. Today's episode is brought to you by our diy wedding checklist. Can Be found on our website, and event created his dotcom. Did I use slash blog? Let's get wedding planning

Speaker 2:0:35today. I'm sitting here with the beautiful megan from makeup by Meagan, so I'd like to introduce her onto today's podcast. How are you going? Good, how are you? Thank you for having me. Thank you so much for coming on board. So Megan is basically the master in that lightweight, luminous sort of natural makeup looks so you can jump on her instagram and see what I mean. Now you've got about 15 years of experience or so that you've been working in this industry and also running your own business. So tell us a little bit about your business and also I know that you've been featured in quite a few amazing magazines, blogs, editorials, things like that. So I'd love to hear a little bit about those two. Okay.

Speaker 3:1:1950. I have been in business 15 years. I started not knowing what area of makeup I wanted to specialize in. Um, so I did all of my training and started in bridal because I knew I wanted to do that, but I also loved editorial as well. Um, so I spent five or six years stalking and assisting. Um, right Morris and Rachael Montgomery who are the country's leading makeup artist. Yes, they are. Well and um, and assisting pretty much involves going to all of their, all of their shoots. You Do, you're doing it for free so you've got to be really keen and passionate. Um, and it involves, you know, to start off with. It's things like getting coffee and washing brushes and things like that, but it's the best training that you can ask for because you are watching the best artists that are available.

Speaker 2:2:08So all being all of that brain for use later on in your own business, which is always good. Yeah, I'm just had a performance set, how to liaise with people, but most of all, all of their different techniques with makeup. So I did a lot of training and I do courses every year, but I learned most of what I've most of my style and my skill has come from working with those two people. Okay, nice. So I wanted to run through, I guess for brides listening in the journey that they go through when they're first looking to book in a makeup artist through to what happens on the day and your obviously the best person to speak to is that for that. So first off, what is the best way for a bride that he's on that initial hunt to find a good one?

Speaker 3:2:53Pod potus. I always say that referrals the best. So if you've been to a wedding and loved the makeup that the bride and bridesmaids have worn. Ask if I find photographers a always the best photographers are the very best referrals because they will recommend someone that is going to be ready on time. That has a really nice there. They work alongside the makeup artist, so then now what the energy of the person who's like on the wedding morning and they want someone who does incredible makeup so that they're not having to spend hours retouching faces after the after the wedding. So photographers would always be my number one book in you photographer and say, who do you recommend that I consider for my cup? Would have math I think is just a given that it's going to be the best form of recommendation. I think so definitely.

Speaker 3:3:45I think sometimes online it is hard top in nowadays to sort of get a bearing on what the person actually looks like. This is what the photo is as well. Sometimes it is a little bit hard to come across, so if you can see peaches that you really like or maybe the makeup artist website or instagram or something and then back that up with a referral. I think that's probably going to be the best way. Is this starting point anyway? Yeah, definitely. Because a lot of outer, sadly these days there's so many artists out there and it's very competitive and a lot of artists get caught up in that competition. So a lot of what when you go into their instagram feed and have a look, a lot of what they're posting isn't their work. There's inspiration images, um, and they say that they work as unfiltered, unedited, but to a professional artist, you can look at it this way.

Speaker 3:4:33Three filters over that. Um, so yeah, word of mouth. And so on that note as well, what would be the best way for a bride to find her style? So if she's not sure what she wants, what, how do you get to know that bride? How do you find out what her style is? What did I send you? Photos. What's that process? Yeah. So I recommend that all brides have their trial with me four to six weeks before the wedding. That is because they've locked in everything by then, which makes it easier for me to design something that goes with what they want, but also fits in with the theme of their day, their flowers and everything. Um, I get them to bring me images, so I like to see images of them when they've loved their makeup. It's all equally important for me to see images of them when they have not lived their makeup.

Speaker 3:5:24Um, and then to pick a celebrity or a um, or a pinterest image or several, you know, it can be cheeked someone lipson another browse on another as much imagery as possible to show me the different things that they like so that we can put together a picture of what it is that they are after. I think that's probably that point of saying that it's what they dislike or don't. Like. I've always said even with styling, I'm like, what don't you like? What do you hate? And that's the most important thing to me because the lock least is massive

Speaker 2:5:58often and it's the dislike really gives you a paint a bit of a picture of their vision. I think which obviously then translates to makeup as well, so that's a good point. Yeah,

Speaker 3:6:08definitely. I have a lot of brides that come to their trial and say, I'll say, have you done any research on the images? You look, no, no. I'm really easy going younger, professional, old broads, ac coming, making your other professional and that's, it's one thing to say yes, I'm the professional and I can do a makeup on you that I think looks beautiful. It can be textbook perfect. I think you look gorgeous, but it's not. If it's not how you're used to seeing yourself, you're not going to look and feel like you. And that's what's most important for a wedding day that you feel like yourself, but just like the most, you know, the best version of yourself. Yes. Um, and how long does it normally take? So they come down to you or to whoever they make a bodice is. And how long would that take?

Speaker 3:6:50I allow 90 minutes per trial. Okay. That gives me time to. I like to use the trail to get to know my bride a little bit as well. So there's lots of chatting and hopefully laughter as well. Um, and I analyzed their skin. We do, we spend 10 or 15 minutes talking, going through all of that, what do you like and dislike, and then I start and then it gives me time to make adjustments as well. Um, and if I, if I can't achieve what they're after in that 90 minutes, which is rare, then we book in a second, second trial. And so

Speaker 2:7:27another thing I wanted to mention was this quite a trend I suppose with that heavy look makeup, that scene at the moment it's becoming quite popular. And of course a lot of my brides are saying that they prefer more natural vibe, which is something that you specialize in. I wanted to ask us certain makeup artists tailored or specialize in a certain type of look and for a bride that wants either or of those books, is it important for them to find someone that specializes in that? Or is it a matter of don't judge a book or a makeup artist by their cover and the,

Speaker 3:8:02you know, people can, are universal in what vibes and looks and styles they can do. And this is a tricky one to answer because a good makeup artist should be able to do anything. If you're a trained makeup artist, you should be able to be given a picture of any makeup look and be able to do it. So, um, I specialize in the lightweight luminous makeup, but if I'm handed a picture of an instagram face Kardashian, look, yeah, I can do that. It's just not what most of my brides want, surprisingly, using less product and coming up with a natural look can take longer, um, and requires more experience than taking my car. Talking on the face does, but it's hard to tell from someone's instagram feed how much experience they've got. So it's, again, it comes back to back to referrals. If you want someone who can do anything, book someone with lot of experience, not someone who's got on their webpage that they were established in 2014 or 2015 minutes ago.

Speaker 3:9:03Um, so, and I just said, I mean trials going to help with that as well. And it is, I guess you can show that you can do both styles if you're experienced anyway and yeah. Okay. Yep. So what sort of costing can expect to pay for their makeup? Is there a ballpark to and from. It's, it's from really low to really high. Um, it really depends on how important makeup he is to the makeup, to the makeup artist, how important makeup these to the bride. There are beauticians out there that use one brand of makeup and they, it's usually a mineral makeup and they can charge as little as $50. Well then there's your high end makeup artists who work at Paris fashion week and things like that and they can be 250 and $300 per person. Um, I'm 1:50 per person so I'm kind of medium to, to high end.

Speaker 3:10:04And most of the brides that book May, I'm like makeup, so they know how they want to look. They want someone that's experienced, um, and they want to know that you're using good brands and things like that, but I get a lot of makeup, I get a lot of brides that in and makeup really isn't that important either, so I direct them to someone that might be more suited to their budget, I think is a respectful way to do that as well because you've got, I suppose a level and a standard that you need to stick to as well. And I hear that a lot of those products are actually really expensive. People don't realize it's not off the shelf products that you're using. And on that note, what do you use? I mean, without giving me a shopping list of 10,000 things and brushes it, you've probably got, um, is there an giving away secrets?

Speaker 3:10:51Is there a particular type of product that you'd like to use? I don't like to align myself with any one brand or product. Yep. So my kid is full of a ton of luxury and professional brands. I carry over seven ranges and brands a foundation. I like to make sure that I have something for every skin type, skin color. Um, so when I go to a wedding, my bridal parties notice that I'm not using the same foundation on everyone and I'm not using the same products on everyone because it all depends. Um, so that's another thing when you're finding a makeup artist is, you know, make sure that they don't have a kid that's just sponsored by one grand kicked back by. He wants someone who's got the best, every brand specializes, has their strengths and their weaknesses. And you want someone who's got the best of everything in there. That's where that experience comes in and knowing what is going to look good on one certain person entirely during that. So now just cutting to the bride in the lead up to the wedding, have you got a couple

Speaker 2:11:54of tips of what abroad might be doing to a scheme in that lead up to the wedding to get it sort of optimum optimum look or, or whatever it might be? Um, and what sort of timeframe are we talking that they should start to get their skin prep?

Speaker 3:12:09Okay. Um, I generally say six to 12 months start thinking about your skin for your engaged stuff, prepping before your engagement, just because you don't want to be doing anything close to the wedding that could cause irritation or break. Yeah. Okay. And skincare is fantastic. I spent a fortune on this, my skin in the lead up to my wedding and it looked fantastic. I had chemical peels, I had micro dermabrasion, I had oxygen facials. Um, it really depends on the person, their budget and their skin. If you have skin doesn't break out and it's pretty consistent all of the time. You don't need to spend a fortune prepping it. I recommend that you don't change your skincare routine and just keep doing what you're doing. If you have hugely oily skin, I recommend that you start having facials to get that oil onto control because oil is what's going to affect the longevity of your makeup on your wedding day and where it breaks away in different spots. And makeup artists can only do so much. I often say that our, our, um, we work with brushes, not one. So if you haven't looked after your skin, we can't make it look like you have, um, and if your skin is too dry. So pretty much I always say if you have really oily skin or you have really dry skin, start looking six months out, speak to a beautician about what you can do just to get it all balanced out for the wedding day. Okay?

Speaker 2:13:34Yup. To look your best if you can. Um, stress doesn't help sometimes in the lead up for those many breakouts and things, but you know, no, and hormones, I mean moments. Um, so on just cutting to I guess the wedding morning. So the brides with had made and her mom and she's sort of woken up and she's ready to start the getting ready process now. I know from a lot of your past brides that they've told me that you bring a very chilled, calm vibe to the day, which I love and I think is really important too because like I say with the photographer and makeup artists, they're the people that are with the bride almost the entire time just as much as their bridal party are, so it's really important to pick a personality for those two vendors that you connect with in. This is my opinion as much as them being a really great makeup artist as well. I'm obviously from chatting to you and I know you really well now we've, you're very calm but funny but relaxed, but personal personality and um, yeah, I'll take my cut later. Giving you a maxi wrap. Thank you. My point being I'm on the winning morning. What? Take us through that getting ready process, like how long does it take? Have you got any tips? Um, what's, what's happened on the wedding morning?

Speaker 3:14:52So I find that to keep a bridal party relaxed and myself relaxed for that fact. Um, I like to work back from 90 minutes from the service time is what I'm going to finish my last person that allows for toasts afterwards. It allows the broad time to relax, spend some time with that bridesmaids, the get drunk, you know, take their time, getting ready and it gives the photographer time to get all of those shots as well that they like to get before the walk down the aisle. So 90 minutes is my work back time and I work. I left 45 minutes per person for makeup, for both our bridesmaid and broad. Yeah, because the bride has had a trial. So pretty much on the wedding day we're just going in and we know what we're doing and for the bridesmaids we've talked about that at the, at the trial as well.

Speaker 3:15:45Um, so there's very rarely guesswork and keeping things calm is just I send a list of do's and don'ts checklist several weeks beforehand. Um, I'm often referred to as the scary makeup artist by the bridesmaids before they've met me because they get sent these list of us not to do this. You are not to do that, um, but on the day it just keeps things. I just find most people haven't been married a million times before. They don't understand how a wedding morning works and how fast time can slip away and all of the things that have to happen. Um, so I find that if everyone knows what is and isn't expected of them, that they need to be in my seat at a certain time, that they'd have no makeup on their face. They're not to have prepped their skin with anything. The more they know about what they need to do, the more relaxing and calm it can be on the day as well.

Speaker 3:16:39And as I said, if everything's running on time, I'm relaxed. The photographer's relaxed, I'm relaxed, you're relaxed, relaxed, just a kicks off the, the winning in a really nice way by not feeling like you're on the back foot from the get go. So I think that's really important to having a love that you allow that buffer time. So if something does go over time planning that you didn't expect, you've got plenty of time to allow for that. Yeah, there's no panic stations. My energy doesn't change. It's still relaxed, which means they're still relaxed. Um, and I guess that that is something else that you should look for when you're looking at a makeup artist is there are makeup artists that will run around out there and do three or four weddings in a day, which means that as much as they're trying to be relaxed, they're also going to be watching their clock and they're very conscious of trying to get to the next place.

Speaker 3:17:29My policy, 99 percent of the time is that I take one wedding per day unless I have like a really early morning or really late afternoon one, which happens rarely, so I'm able to get there and I get there and I look at weddings, weddings, to me, and this is why I love doing them. It's just a fun morning with fun. Everyone's on a high. There's no egos. I'm usually in a beautiful location. I'm working alongside fun people. It's, there's no reason for it to be as stressful. It's a beautiful environment to be in because I don't have to pay anyway after woods. I can relax, so if it does run half an hour behind because something has happened out of anyone's control, it's no issue that you just roll with it. That's good. Yeah. Um, and so I guess my leads me to my next question, which was, so if there is a large, broad party, do you recommend having a few makeup artists or what is the process?

Speaker 3:18:30Um, if there's a lodge abroad will party versus a smaller bridal party? Yep. I'm, I'm quite protective of my brand and I haven't found an assistant yet. I'm on the south coast. I've only moved from Sydney 18 months ago. Um, so I like to do everyone where I can, that often depends on timing. Makeup will last, my makeup will last. If you read my testimonials, they, I can put makeup on at 7:00 in the morning and they're still dancing at 3:00 the next morning and it's, you know, or they wake up the next day and wear it to their brunch brunch. I do not recommend these brides. Brides have been known to do it. Um, so starting earlier in the morning isn't an issue and most brides will find that they are awake, so you know, they sleep in until 10:00. It's not gonna happen. Um, so I like to do as many of the people as I can.

Speaker 3:19:26Often if the parties are too big, I will recommend that I do. I'm the bride and the bridesmaids and they contract is another artists which I can recommend to take care of family and friends of the bride or, or an anti for some reason or something saying I can see the list luck ones. Um, and if that does happen, if it's, if it's the actual bridal party and [inaudible] that you liked there to be a consistent look. So if they do hire another makeup artist, I'm always happy to just to run my eyes over it at the end just to make sure that everyone is going out looking at the same level. Wow. You've been so helpful. Um, I've covered, I think all of my questions and stuff that I wanted to chat to you about. So thank you so much for coming on for our podcast today.

Speaker 3:20:13I really appreciate it. You're welcome. Thank you so much for having me. Sorry, people want to get in touch with makeup by Megan. What is the best way to reach you head to my website and fill out a contact form with all of your wedding details. Um, and I get back to everyone within 24 hours. Even if it's just decide I'm caught up with editorials for the next three days. It'll be a couple of days, but you'll get my get back to you either way. Almost straight away. And on instagram. You, you're just at makeup by Megan. I am instagram. I met makeup by Megan. Actually all of my, um, social social media handles are at makeup by Megan and you'll recognize me for my lime green

Speaker 2:20:49logo branding. Love. Obsessed with grain. That's awesome. Will thank you so much again. And Yeah, we look forward to working with you this season, same year.

Speaker 1:20:59Thank you so much for listening to today's podcast. Make sure you jump into our social media pages for more hints, tips and inspired. You can find us on instagram at [inaudible]. Twitter. They created this on pinterest. At what event, creator and also via our facebook page, please don't forget to visit our website, gridding it event creatives. DOTCOM did. I used to see our video tutorials and helpful blog posts.

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