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HoopLA -25

November 03, 2014
Show Notes
We're back for our 25th episode! The NBA gods hate Spiritt's squad, Lebron says Chicago is a better team than Cleveland and Spiritt and Storm have yet another argument about him, 9 Players other than Lebron who will impact their new team, Anonymous agents are stupid, So is Monta Ellis, Dirk said something kinda funny and we learn he's working almost for free, Paul Pierce hates Lebron, 10 Predictions for this season according to MSN Sports, Opening night recap, Crew predictions for the coming week Find us at, On Facebook under Hoopla, On Twitter @thehooplashow, email us at Leave a voicemail at 424-261-4878 and we’ll play it on the air Leave a 5 Star Review on Stitcher and iTunes and we’ll read it on air

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