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13: I Don't Want to Eat Rocks

October 18, 2018 Episode 13
Comical Start
13: I Don't Want to Eat Rocks
Mark's Comic
Jack's Comic
Grant's Comic
Comical Start
13: I Don't Want to Eat Rocks
Oct 18, 2018 Episode 13
Mark and Grant
Comics are Brewster Rockit, Perry Bible Fellowship, and Andertoons.
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A very special guest, Jack, co-host of Operation: Have a Conversation joins us on the podcast. They briefly talk about the nature of their creative endeavors.

Mark brings a Brewster Rockit comic, to discuss the finer points of pumpkin spice, pies, and cobblers.

In his first ever choice, Jack brings a Perry Bible Fellowship comic with intention of discussing seeing the world in terms of math. Instead, we decide to talk about lab coats, the sun, and provide some very pertinent warnings about various chemicals.

Grant brings an Andertoons comic, and Jack points out the subconscious reason for Grant's dark choice. We begin another discussion about friendship as adults, and bring you the latest in Oxford English Dictionary entries.

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