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15: Snacks Are Amazing

November 01, 2018 Episode 15
Comical Start
15: Snacks Are Amazing
Grant's Comic
Mark's Comic
Comical Start
15: Snacks Are Amazing
Nov 01, 2018 Episode 15
Mark and Grant
Comics are Phoebe and Her Unicorn, and Savage Chicken
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Grant claps poorly. They also discuss the nature of snacking while recording based on their pre-show snacks.

Grant starts us off with a Phoebe and Her Unicorn comic, embarking us on another discussion around friendship in a new place. Here we focus on being alone without being lonely, as well as the nature of casual physical contact.

After a lengthy discussion, and an interruption by a phone call, Mark presents a Savage Chicken comic. With another phone call interruption, they're able to discuss their sleep habits as big adult people.

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