Comical Start

18: Oppressive Cologne

November 22, 2018 Episode 18
Comical Start
18: Oppressive Cologne
Mark's Comic
Grant's Comic
Comical Start
18: Oppressive Cologne
Nov 22, 2018 Episode 18
Mark and Grant
Comics are Garfield and Duplex.
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Mark discusses his recent experience buying a real adult big-boy suit, while Grant updates the listeners with his recent cabbage-related antics.

Mark starts off with a Garfield comic, doubling down on their opening topic of men's fashion advice. While only fifty percent of the podcasting duo could be considered fashionable, they pontificate about what to wear with the best of them.

Grant brings a Duplex comic to talk about how to talk with strangers. Mark goes on, not actually answering Grant's question; meanwhile, Grant bravely exposes his worries that the entire state of Illinois is rather annoyed by his general existence.

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