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33: Allergic to Cars

March 07, 2019 Episode 33
Comical Start
33: Allergic to Cars
Grant's Comic
Mark's Comic
Comical Start
33: Allergic to Cars
Mar 07, 2019 Episode 33
Mark and Grant
Comics are Calvin and Hobbes, and Frank and Ernest.
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Mark and Grant start by talking about food, WWW (how do you say it?) and domain extensions.

Grant brings a Calvin and Hobbes comic, hoping that Mark can help him discover and explore the world. Or maybe just use his time more efficiently. Mark does a lot of sit-down activities, while Grant wants to do stand-up activities. Oh well.

Mark brings a Frank and Ernest comic and wonders what would happen if Grant had a serious emergency while living alone. He was worried this week's episode wouldn't happen for precisely this reason. Who should Mark call? Should Grant get a Life Alert?

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