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Ep 16: Voel jij compassie voor jezelf?
August 21, 2018 Angelique Houtveen
Angelique Houtveen Podcast

Ep 16: Voel jij compassie voor jezelf?

August 21, 2018

Angelique Houtveen

Soms moet je gewoon wat aardiger tegen jezelf zijn. Want je doet je best. Na een weekendje Lowlands zat ik er maandag even helemaal doorheen. Compassie hielp. Meer horen? Klik op abonneer! Reacties zijn altijd welkom via de DM op Instagram: @thisisangelique. Dank voor het luisteren!
Soms moet je gewoon wat aardiger tegen jezelf zijn. Want je doet je best. Na een weekendje Lowlands zat ik er maandag even helemaal doorheen. Compassie hielp. Meer horen? Klik op abonneer! Reacties zijn altijd welkom via de DM op Instagram: @thisisangelique. Dank voor het luisteren!

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01Hey inhaler, those that you realize is not a new episodes from the actually card fabled gusts and actually catherine be the middles episodes testing and a brother over to me so I couldn't need mental capacity, my age. It's going to make a dealer that over want a more everyday lives to a famous even Dj Patil your feminist. I'm a duke analysis on the Rhonda, her basement, but music for your emojis computation, uh, end this day. Sports Costs Cannula, Oprah and fallen in Cf. the deal, not that, um, that that's uh, yeah, that, that, that's going to help but also make it sign of rubles, Hula and Isla Golf. Leading it even on that. Go on to be very cognizant on their output. Is there a stage? Put Costa Mesa to Stan and make an incidence. Ofer compasio compasio before yourself extended. She's our blogging, like own a compulsive for you for Maidman stabber.

Speaker 1:1:08I'm in it. This yield snellen today. Oh, the faint of Valkyrie. Don't need for fixed. So rich environment. It's almost a long of izzy. So Hey, have him move her to follow her classmates. She me months. Unless you don't have a finance composite material, mentor mental anchor, Touchy Dang. Yeah. You vetnet voter final harsh of a need to integrate a Stoush cts in knew Hubbard that stay far. So, uh, that uh, famous over here. It's this probiotic. I commits medical policy cultivate, scribbled a four episodes or data, my Olc and asthma screen of belonging. Like here, this is a medical policy for all night yourself. Geiger Mont Lci, yourself. A hoodie is [inaudible] and, and you feed yourself leaf and don't strike. May hinder myself and I'll slide out. And he caught fake history as she did live. Said latter. It got Amanda and a set of artsy, F, F hot own own capacity for myself to have a tool for lowlands, the lowlands and through the coconut with them, she could take a malodor health.

Speaker 1:2:27Kendrick Lamar, I like. We're seeing needs. Interviewed a last microsecond of our pick up my well for standby cycle. Certain it was ethnic available along with the senior, my conduct status weekends, Kovak nostalgic, good Vega, provera, awesome manner. America and a Catholic finance cheekiness toward cratered Arctica, an opiod CD adult policy, November blundstones now or Tito in September, moods, special Snell, and there was a not got the sword fighting myths of lowlands or take, um, and also to build upon artico Halem off Heda and ultimately be famous Halem off a feta that the defendant, others couldn't. And it foldable. Super ethical basis is about being a mom that, a contest and it got this, oh my God had been after slept zone data in. Oh, so mu and cool them hall and the left left him fell. And from Ashley. Yep. The capacity for yourself. I was like all days during a day from the output delts, hearts to stay for a adults or Ashley leak my event that you have to elevate coverity of Lola's.

Speaker 1:3:53Correct. And he went to the open patsy and super good that she does. Myer may say freely for yourself that you can opening soon it will be at Hawthorne Nikia Beta. Thus our who used martyr himself called some. So dot. That's insane. As of our last scan, your host, dom tcl from intuit and Gauge Amina. And gags was almost and we did the hood market and now a famous line from the devil's trying to kill them. Now I'll just had to miss the Samala faulty. You consume soy sauce and I think for a result now, facebook video footage that our plan though for all of this composite and leave to for yourself and a hotbed of self lifter. Seventy two foot foreign casinos. Oh, you just have to hope for then. And lucky enough is dune, but Oxford Migraine, that deeper level for self live this life. Good azine fund.

Speaker 1:4:52Okay. Ashley leak stop date is going to do it by myself more often than market mouth, but as a composer for myself and something to lead elected many tassie workshop like in the Ada, the podcast tell them that the con Fsr over mobile I and our hose a seat has needs to account for this value and effort. Excellent in the lift and a Bofa from my house and it gave me self speedo and exactly for more tight. And except the VJ fully data. So Dr Hong Socon in. It's enough are the less decathlete of gag himself on a fan is an accelerator. It's nice effort. Have own leaf wants. You have to correct in for procedure itself. What the fried interfere. So cfo who even in, um, that they themselves say she has to come to hot and in an instant folding mccullogh Beta. Well my planning compelling on him.

Speaker 1:5:57I'm all miles does it connects to in my house with joy and lowlands called home. Then the office was look at that and what it makes you have to connect to end of the day to day, get on a bed that was made sure we're planning a Tornado's Mr. Dance Dancer, 20 composite for myself, fool doubts myself. I felt Africa, your you did your best. You do the best you can, the best you can at best that you come in that are high sums, foul to mark and downstairs assortments to lure a do the best that you call your probate America. And, and your probation was to parker, April Bates, Amata overseen and toxicity. And that's enough. Sometimes that's Whoa. Who Knew? And then it got so full toasty af. Phillipe Oak Hill on not the copays initiate effort, still pocket Nfm, Florida and faith old desire averages my border in the office machine with the Comoso, vm ware, photography needs to have this to do and to have judgment better tomorrow until just wants to couples in and mark got validated for to open a bottle out the followup and lecturing about Holly Hunter bookie to Felisa for an effort effort to Gcf Kong.

Speaker 1:7:09My Dad Fed Arctic bus tunic f form as ethical saxophone. Now the composite deep self lifter that insofar dailer, that's some sappy funny data that you have to strengthen yourself and if you don't act like eataly from would say you have this composite under under armour sake and I yourself on an ID plaque. Hello Wma f equals an from doc. Took advantage of us and any motors for Ahlens has filed, was highly cited. Stay for my meats and dartmouth and onto our top what? And he'll fail it onto adverse. I call a a young Canada is claiming with couples and it get the 400 that were kind enough. I actually came on their you so DPA, Catholic. I'm dog meat is and these oxo Arsha decompensated for yourself, old karaoke alerts, no alcohol and need. So our scientists this yesterday for yourself, they oak leaf or an article, they homeroom is notman compacity for yourself or Stephanie Maze.

Speaker 1:8:21It be kind, but you do get sick. You Do, you do your best and make it into the GNOMON. That vocab just mentioned data. And um, thanks for Lausd Surveyor Mahi Mahi garb. But today's podcast, welcome to lifestyle. So neat. Omen the day limit, Frieda Fia, instagram tech might on. Okay. This is our actually could be instagram. Think for like the, Oh, I should actually three feminist dark and itunes live. Starts faithful data. And the tools was mailed and foundation made of dating. It kept no hook plastic. Your Brownie have article. They laugh. No Beta summit in the day. It kind of in blood satisfy for my book from the African Ala who either and a more hostile to video. I still know the licensing did audio audio. You get what I'm saying? Like for lives. And um, take care. Julie.

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