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Podcast Down - Dark Chapters - Binge-Watchers Podcast #113
June 08, 2016 John T. Maye, Nick Thiel, and The Binge Watchers

Even as hope springs on the horizon for John Travis as a screenwriter, as Nick and the Binge Watchers are invited back to the red carpet life, production costs and lack of support might crush the podcast as the WiFi bill gets too high; the Internet goes dark... "Been a great ride and a privilege to host Binge Watchers Podcast for 3 years. 

We have an awesome new logo drawn by artist & collaborator Atom Jones, stunning interviews and funny stories shared with my co-hosts Nick Thiel & David Rodgers. 

Give it a listen friends if you have some time." Support the show and get the lights turned back on for a 100 more episodes.

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