Local Business Podcast

Episode 3: Running A Foodbank

October 02, 2018
Local Business Podcast
Episode 3: Running A Foodbank
Local Business Podcast
Episode 3: Running A Foodbank
Oct 02, 2018
The Local Business Podcast
How charity can help businesses - the Local Business Podcast
Show Notes

We’ve already been to a hairdressers and an arts and crafts self-starter, so where are we off to today?

Well, for today’s show, we look off the normal business path and venture to Swindon, where we were lucky enough to spend some time with Cher Smith MBE, the manager of Swindon’s Foodbank service know as the Swindon Food Collective.

She explains what motivates her and her volunteers to go into work every day, what impact the foodbank has on the area and also, the positive effect that supporting charities like this can have for business owners.

You can find more about the Swindon Food Collective here: htthttps://www.swindonfoodcollective.org/p://www.hair-works.co.uk/

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