Local Business Podcast

Episode 5: Crafty Networking

October 30, 2018
Local Business Podcast
Episode 5: Crafty Networking
Local Business Podcast
Episode 5: Crafty Networking
Oct 30, 2018
The Local Business Podcast
We talk to the Crafty Connoisseur about networking, promoting and the drinks industry
Show Notes

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Episode 5 of the Local Business Podcast. We stay in Scotland for this episode and visit the husband and wife team of the Crafty Connoisseur, an importer of a range of different whiskeys, gins, rums and a whole lot more.

Brenda and Steve McKenzie met me in Edinburgh and told me how they got through sleepless nights, networked and took on customer feedback in order to create a business, that in their eyes, is different.

Make sure you check out Crafty Connoisseur and have a look at what they've got on offer:


You’ll also find images of Crafty Connoisseur on our social media channels which you’ll find below:




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