Minimal Multisport Podcast

Ep 7 - John Paul Severin

September 26, 2018 Season 1 Episode 7
Minimal Multisport Podcast
Ep 7 - John Paul Severin
Minimal Multisport Podcast
Ep 7 - John Paul Severin
Sep 26, 2018 Season 1 Episode 7
Greg Kopecky
We interview father, triathlete, and minimalist, John Paul Severin, about his strategies for success in sport as his life continues to evolve.
Show Notes

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This episode of the Minimal Multisport Athlete Podcast is with my friend John Paul Severin. John is a longtime triathlete (and athlete in general), who I met while racing in college. We have a similar outlook on life and have both taken steps to simplify our lives as we move into real adult life in our 30s.

The long story short is that John is busy now. He has a wife and kids, a full-time job, and is trying to balance all of that while still staying in shape. He has some effective strategies for this, such as commuting to work on his bike. He and his family also have a big interest in minimalism, mostly as a strategy to bring some sense of peace to a house with three small children. John got in touch with me to discuss something that I mentioned on the last episode, which is trying to downsize his bikes. At his peak, John had 4 bikes, each fulfilling a slightly different purpose than the next. Now he is working to reduce that to 3 or perhaps even 2, and we talked about all of the details such as: 

-How he prioritized the most important ‘jobs’ that his equipment needed to do. 

-How having a couple sets of different tires can completely change the capability of one bike. 

-How simplifying his equipment has allowed him to bring a sense of fun and joy back into exercise – ultimately leading to better longevity in the sport, and overall health. 

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