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The Chop: A Foodie Podcast
From Seed to Fork
November 07, 2018 Stephen Carter / Jen Kempin

On this episode of The Chop: A Foodie Podcast, I interview Jen Kempin--executive chef at Social OTR. Jen talks about her studies at the Culinary Institute of America along with her degree at NYU where she worked with Marion Nestle. Her studies have taken her into an exploration of what it means to eat from seed to fork with an emphasis on the origins of the seeds used to grow food. She discusses some of the social aspects related to food and food preparation with regard to how works are treated by corporations producing food. Her valuable insights into these key aspects of the food industry make this podcast a must listen and her emphasis on the need to continue to improve the system presents a message of hope for the future of sustainable food. Jen will also be presenting at the CHCA Food Symposium on April 4-5, 2019 in Cincinnati, OH. For more information on the CHCA Food Symposium, go to CHCA Food Symposium

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