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Full Kit Wankers: A Soccer Podcast

Steven and Andrea

Steven Baquerizo and Andrea Pilar proudly introduce themselves as Full Kit Wankers, recapping last weekend's EPL fixtures, discussing the state of US Soccer, and highlighting some excellent lady play all while dropping some chisme, and hot takes.

Recent Episodes

07/10/19 - WWC Final x Danny Gilberg "Back to back World War and World Cup Champions" July 10, 2019 Episode artwork WWC x Gold Cup x Copa America finals preview "Alex Morgan knows the Orlando SWAT Team" July 05, 2019 Episode artwork WWC 2019 x "I was a naysayer to Naeher, a 'Naehersayer' if you will, but she showed up big" June 30, 2019 Episode artwork 06/23/19- "The WWC FIFA fan zone was downright Lilliputian, that’s right your girl went to college and now she does nothing for a living."June 23, 2019 Episode artwork 05/07/19 - "If Dembélé had just made that sitter last week, this wouldn't have happened" with audio engineer Niall RouseMay 07, 2019 Episode artwork 04/24/19 - "We're in the Endgame now, but like about the EPL"April 24, 2019 Episode artwork 04/17/19 - "I would love to hit Kieran Trippier but we'll get to that" with special guest Marwan ShousherApril 17, 2019 Episode artwork 4/10/19 - FC St. Pauli special x East River Pirates "you're a cute blue chicken sounds better in german!"April 09, 2019 Episode artwork 3/26/19 - NWSL Yael Averbuch special "you're like an influencer with a fellowship, nope I mean following"March 26, 2019 Episode artwork 3/20/19 - "Vote on Steven's man bun, the minisode"March 19, 2019 Episode artwork 3/5/19 - "Not a Game of Thrones podcast, but yeah you know, we watch it" March 05, 2019 Episode artwork 3/2/19 - NY Red Bull Alex Muyl Special "was it a well shaven apple?"March 01, 2019 Episode artwork 02/28/19 - "I wanted to go over to Kyle Martino and run my hands through that hair but my friend said no"February 28, 2019 Episode artwork 2/20/19 - Introducing Indy the pup of the pod x FKW "The Champions League theme in person? Issa bop." February 19, 2019 Episode artwork 2/6/19 - FKW Minisode "So many Moussas, so many Dembélés" February 05, 2019 Episode artwork 1/31/19 - 500 Days of January Special "Those PSG boys looking like SNACKS in that Hugo Boss"January 31, 2019 Episode artwork 1/23/19 James Colvin x FKW x San Diego Soccer Women "LLorente was unmarked, he found the open space and slotted one in, I'll give him that"January 22, 2019 Episode artwork 1/16/19 - Pat Infurna x FKW "Everyone at Copa90 goes by their IG handle, pinfurna_ is on my birth certifcate"January 15, 2019 Episode artwork 1/5/19 - Alex McWatt x FKW "If Spurs win the league, I'll get a Wolves tattoo"January 05, 2019 Episode artwork 12/31/18 - NYE Special x Harsh Mall "On a scale from Juan Mata to Pepe, where would you put Sadio Mané?"December 31, 2018 Episode artwork 12/27/18 - Benitez bros Boxing Day Special "I think the USMNT will get to a World Cup final, Narrator: they did not"December 27, 2018 Episode artwork 12/25/18 - FKW Christmas special "Cheers, I've been sacked!" December 24, 2018 Episode artwork 12/19/18 - Scuffed x FKW "I can keep curling them in, but do I want to do it for Manchester United?" December 19, 2018 Episode artwork 12/12/18 - Melissa Ortiz x FKW "yeah cricket wireless, take us to the MLS Cup"December 12, 2018 Episode artwork 12/5/18 - Sean Swift x FKW "I'm going to think about that Sebastian Blanco goal on my wedding night" December 04, 2018 Episode artwork