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Evan Ellefsen, Grifynn Clay, Seth Retzlaff

Welcome to Silhouettes, a show where we think people are interesting. If you want to understand history, you need to understand people. People explore the depths of the ocean and the human soul. People orchestrate breathtaking symphonies and social uprisings. And people lead innovative products to market share or soldiers to war. This stuff doesn’t happen by itself. I’m Evan and with my co-host Grifynn, we’ll summarize the biographies and autobiographies of history's biggest names and probably a few you’ve never heard. We’ll be reading a few ourselves and interviewing those who’ve read the books we haven’t. Through conversation we aim to make historical figures more approachable and lifelike by focusing on behaviors and qualities in addition to major achievements. Someone might have been president, led the Civil Rights movement, gone to space or created a breathtaking masterpiece, but how did they get there? This is what we strive to understand. We’ll take a 900 page life story and distill it down to your morning commute. Just like a shadowy silhouette, you won’t get every little detail but you’ll get the general shape and outline of the figure.

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