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#6 How blockchain can help us own our data and with Marcus Jones
December 23, 2018 Tizian Kronsbein & Simon Frey

In this episode, we talked to Marcus Jones, Data Scientist at Ocean Protocol. He has an engineering background in thermodynamics and shifted into Data Science. We talked about how difficult it is to get your data even though we GDPR. We talked about Blockchain and how this technology can ensure that we are getting back the rights over our data. 

Marcus is a tremendously interesting man and storyteller. His insights on different topics were amazing. It was super interesting listening to him. Some of the aspects we touched he summarizes regularly on his Medium Blog.

You can find Marcus here:
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjamin-marcus-jones/
GDPR Bingo article by Marcus: https://medium.com/@jones.0bj3/gdpr-bingo-1914f97f7602
Marcus' recommendations: https://kit.com/dlighted/guest-book-recommendations

The Data Natives: https://datanatives.io/

Massive Thank you to the team of the Data Natives who supported and enabled this episode. Check them out. They are doing amazing stuff. 

What is Data Natives? 

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